Evergrande Auto will start production in the fourth quarter

More than a dozen cars are in the pipeline. Modern factories for the production of components or electric cars are completed or under construction. The start of production and market entry are getting closer and closer. And not only in China are the signs pointing to a new beginning. There could be new life in Trollhättan too. More than 10 years after the last Saab rolled off the assembly line.

Evergrande Auto production will start in the 4th quarter of 2021
Evergrande Auto production will start in the 4th quarter of 2021

Evergande Auto will ramp up production in the fourth quarter of 4, CEO Xu Jiayin said in an interview with egsea.com. Production in large numbers and delivery to customers will start in 2022. Just a reminder: Evergrande Auto is developing 14 new electric vehicles at the same time. Besides well-known German partners, NEVS in Trollhättan is also involved. First vehicle will Hengchi 1 The data known so far are interesting.

At the same time, Evergrande Auto is building its own  Sales and service network in China, which will initially have 1.600 sales outlets and 3.000 service points. And the Evergrande Group's financial situation also seems to be increasingly calming down, having crossed red lines and targeted it state control was advised. Evergrande plans to increase its debt burden over the next 24 months with partial sales, IPOs and capital increases cut in half.

Koenigsegg, NEVS, Sono Motors

While the Hengchi and Evergrande Auto brands will initially remain a purely Chinese affair, a revival will also be registered in the Stallbacka in 2022. The traditional Saab factory will initially become a component factory for the new one koenigsegg gemera. The production for the first GT hypercar from Sweden takes place in the expanded plant in Ängelholm, components are supplied by NEVS.

Later in the year the production of the Sion of Sono Motors start. The development of the SEV is progressing steadily, the development of the company is promising, with the somewhat speculative option for a good future. The collaboration between NEVS and Sono is solidifying. In 2023, the Sion in Trollhättan could roll out of the former Saab halls to customers.

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    A Sion from Trollhättan in 2023? If that doesn't come too late, the selection of electric cars that can be bought now is growing all the time.

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    Here is some more information about the Sion:
    There is a new federal police. This is responsible for monitoring the German PV systems. Among other things, it is about checking that all systems are entered in the new register
    and that no electricity is illegally fed into the grid (systems older than 20 years).
    The relevant ministry thought that it would be better to demonstrate with electronic cars for the acceptance of the police.
    So Sions were ordered.
    Greeting André

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    It is worth reading if something is reported that is somehow connected to Trollhättan - there is no concrete information apart from the planned parts production for the Gemera and the production of the Sion.

    For SAAB drivers fleshed out for us, for example, the planned small series of a contemporary SAAB 900 Hybrid would be much more interesting - here you could possibly aim for a successor for your own aging car.

    So everything remains somehow strange and SAAB genes have not yet shown up.

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    Assuming that the 1.600 commercial agencies are also a service point, it is still exciting when 3.000 service stations are set up. Just as the Hengchi 1 is a bit baroque, the dealership concept with 1.600 stations for China is already a seemingly historical counter-concept to Volvo, which increasingly only want to sell online.
    Or do a few more fallow plots have to be used here?

    It is also exciting that everybody who wants to build an electric car (Xiaomi, Foxtron, ...) writes pages in newspaper articles. There's not even a side issue of Evergrande Auto, which is shipping soon.
    So thank you Tom for the information!

  • I'm incredibly happy that there is light at the end of the tunnel for the Stallbacka. Would give me another reason to visit Trollhättan again.

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