The ideal youngtimer of the hour - Saab 9-5 Aero

A Saab 9-5 Aero, automatic, black and very few kilometers. Then in a state that simply puts you in a good mood and triggers a certain reflex. You have to have this Saab! A good decision, because the 9-5 Aero is the classic car of the hour.

It combines the advantages of an upcoming classic with the features of a modern vehicle. For sustainable, stylish enjoyment without regrets. Now you just have to buy the 9-5. Fast. Before someone else does.

Wood, fine leather, aero - you have to have it
Wood, fine leather, aero – you have to have it

Youngtimer of the hour

An advantage of the Saab 9-5 is the comparatively small use of electronics. The Swedes used it sparingly, preferring to use proven technology. It pays off in old age. What isn't there can't cause trouble. And what has been put in place is definitely fixable should there ever be a problem.

In addition, there is the high level of comfort with which the large Saab spoils. As a Series 1 vehicle, the 9-5 is of high quality and corresponds to the level that one has always been used to from Saab. Product optimization at the expense of customers is a foreign word for all early 9-5, the red pencil only struck with the first facelift.

A Saab Aero is always desirable. The top motorization, in this case with 230 hp, is still sufficient today for sovereign locomotion, the automatic system supports the comfort character. Because, and you have to know this, Series 1 Aero are not athletes. The focus is on comfort and long distances.

These are classic GT virtues, here in the guise of a sedan.

First paint and first hand

With 32.000 kilometers, the Saab 9-5 Aero can pass as a demonstration vehicle. Loud Offerer it is first hand and with the first paint it is a rarity. plentiful Pictures, well staged show how car sales work. They make the head cinema vibrate. You can smell the fine leather that cars from Göta Älv had in those years. The Saab seems neat and a good deal.

Because the Saab 9-5 is not expensive. Even if the prices for good first series Aero have increased noticeably in recent years. The dealer specializing in youngtimers and classics calls for €12.850. That's not big money, but simply a good investment in a car, which with this equipment and the few kilometers is difficult to find a second time.

Because driving a classic car is particularly sustainable. The maximum consumption of resources for this vehicle was 22 years ago, it should have been paid for or maybe even statute-barred. The Saab doesn't leave a trendy digital trail behind it, no data center will consume countless kilowatt hours of electricity because of it.

This Saab is quite simply the ideal youngtimer.

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8 thoughts on "The ideal youngtimer of the hour - Saab 9-5 Aero"

  • blank

    I can only agree.

    I myself drive a 9-5 of the first series up to 2001 and the quality is very close to the old 9000s.
    What was rationalized away in later years of construction was often described and I don't want to mention it again.
    And it often annoyed me - at that time the cars were only 7/8 years old and they still cracked.
    Today I am happy about the old 9-5er.
    And my colleagues who are not Saab Affin but have petrol in their blood say the 9-5 with the chrome grille is the "upcoming classic par excellence."
    The main problem is the rust and many samples their vehicles and are treated carelessly and neglected.
    They will get angry if they start repairing their current new cars in 6/7 years.
    I look forward to getting into the station wagon every day and transporting enough with it.
    And the beige interior is almost like a year-old car.
    Please, please save as many 9-5s as possible - otherwise they will be as rare as today's 9000s.

  • As a satisfied owner of a prepared 9-5 sedan with the V6 engine, built in 1999, I can understand all of this. I would definitely not give away my sky-blue V6 for €13000,00, whether that's bold or not! And why should that be brazen? Nobody has to buy it. Brazen is different in my opinion, but, let's leave it......

  • I think the price is totally ok. So rare, so beautiful, so well cared for, so little used - and then first hand! What more do you want? The fast buyer certainly said that to himself and paid the appreciative price for this valuable Saab. And so this gem will not end up in the scrap press sooner or later - like so many of its sisters and brothers ...

  • blank

    I always have trouble understanding why SAAB's should be cheap! Everyone gets upset when a car becomes more expensive and is sold for more than EUR 10 or CHF 000. With BMW, Mercedes, Audi, even with some Volkswagens this is never an issue!

    Is it basically about driving a “car” at scrap prices, or about driving a great and timeless, safe and, as has been described, reliable car in the long term? And that has its price. And that must also be the case with SAAB. The care and maintenance of good specimens, even those with higher KM, must be paid for appropriately.

    If SAAB's are only bought at the "scrap price" and a bit more, then good specimens will die out, because then nobody will invest in a major revision (engine or gearbox) in the long term. Or a new interior design. Numerous cars will only survive if a “real” SAAB classic trade develops soon. And the prices just have to go up.

    And, a car that is 22 years "young" or "old" has first caused the respective owner to lose value, then caused maintenance costs, stood in an underground car park for 22 years (costs depending on where, in Switzerland at least more than CHF 25 '000)! A price of EUR 12 for such a well-preserved example is a bargain!

    @Saabantium = by no means bold! You have to make a distinction between buying a completely worn-out copy or a well-maintained copy that has caused a lot of costs. If there were a Mercedes of the same age, there would be at least another 10 more on the sales price.

    Glad it sold so quickly!! Good luck to the new owner.

  • blank

    I can only agree, a dream of a car, but I think almost €13.000 is cheeky.
    the twin, i.e. mine, cost me ~1,5€ 5000 years ago and I actually thought that was a lot, but my heart won. and there were only 119.000 on the clock. never mind, i like my aeronaut

    • @Saabbantium The asking price was certainly at the upper end - but it's not too high. Powerful combustion engines or former top models with youngtimer status have become extremely popular with almost all brands in the last two years. Obviously the Aero is already sold, after a very short time. So the price wasn't that bad.

  • blank

    Dear Tom, it's already sold!

    • That sounds really good. Good cars go fast!

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