Finally in sight - the Saab espresso cups

There is hardly a project in recent blog history that moves as much as the Saab espresso cups. Inquiries come in almost every day, and worried readers ask whether they missed the appointment. The pandemic delayed the project, and the delivery date before Easter, which had been assumed with a lot of optimism, could not be kept either. In this situation, only one thing helped: stay relaxed and enjoy Saab and espresso. But now there is movement in the project. The Saab espresso cups come into view.

Saab espresso cups in sight
Saab espresso cups in sight

The project would probably not have dragged on for months if I had had cups printed and delivered by a supplier in China. But the Idea behind it was another; It should be sustainable, if possible according to the style of the great Saab brand. And no, it's not about selling espresso cups and as many as possible. It's about an almost forgotten attitude to life, about quality and the joy of an object that can accompany you for years.

A German partner

As a result, and in order to keep the delivery routes short, it had to be a European partner. That it became a German, even one from Bavaria, is a coincidence. Has to do with the convincing concept and the focus on sustainability. Mahlwerck porcelain has been at home in the Rosenheim region for 30 years. An area that shows Bavaria at its best. The landscape is wonderful, the people warm and hospitable.

The Chiemsee is almost on the doorstep, and if you want to protect your figure from the southern German gastronomy, which is generally almost hopeless, you can flee to the lake and enjoy a Chiemseerenke in one of the restaurants on the shore.

Mahlwerck is one too German historywhich began in Meißen and led to the West in 1989. Today the company is one of the most important suppliers, supplies the restaurant scene, discounters and supplies companies with advertising material and specially branded porcelain. All articles have one thing in common. They are always produced in a climate-neutral way.

The Mahlwerck Manufactory in Teplice, an area with a very old porcelain tradition, is responsible for the production and application of engravings responsible. The finishing is applied by hand by experts, making each cup unique. This of course has its price, but it gives the project its specific charm.

At the beginning, no one could have suspected that Teplice in particular would become the weak point for the project, as the region was hit hard by the pandemic. But that's how it happened. And so in the end there was only waiting and hoping for quick production.

Something that takes a long time

But even the longest waiting time has come to an end. In the meantime, the good news came from Kolbermoor near Rosenheim that the Saab espresso cups are on the way. The truck is rolling, from next Monday an order is possible for members of the Aero X Club and the (old) Turbo Plus subscription.

Until then, the anticipation rules.

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    Moin Tom. Thank you very much!
    Now I have to “upgrade” again (to get the cups), right?
    “… Flat…” ??? Oh man, I idiot ... rÄchtzSchRaipunk doesn't always work for me either. ;-(

    • blank

      @ mac9-5 No further upgrade is necessary. In addition to the old subscription, the Aero X Club is now running. More is not possible.

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    Ahhh ... I have to “increase” my subscription again in good time ... (unfortunately I flattened it the other day and I'm already “jittery” waiting for feedback)…. well, there is still some time.

    But the cups are really super chic! 🙂
    ... my Paradiso bean can hardly wait ... 😉

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      @ mac9-5 Additional Aero X subscription is through. We cover the “something flat” with a cloak of silence.

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    Then let's live the anticipation!

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    I could be tempted and just visit the manufactory in the neighboring town from Bad Aibling - and do so in a climate-neutral way by bike. 🙂

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    That’s all good news! I have already had several good experiences with Mahlwerck Porcelain because I recommended the company for projects to my customers.

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    That is really anticipation! I can not wait any longer!

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    Great joy !!
    It's nice that there is a regional background.
    This makes buying even more fun!
    Speaking of buying: is there a limited amount to be sold per member and what is the price per cup?

    • blank

      @Stefan H. The price, which will be a cost price, has not yet been determined. But will cost a certain amount of money due to the engraving. The fee is not limited. In case of doubt, the order in which the orders were placed are to be followed.

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