Evergrande Auto at Auto Shanghai 2021

The time will come in a few days. Auto Shanghai opens its doors on April 19th - the big Evergrande Auto show can begin. Because the expected performance should indeed be great. In addition to well-known vehicles such as Hengchi 1 to 6, innovations are expected. Not just one - no. In the style of Evergrande one trumps with several premieres. Hengchi numbers 7 to 9 are ready to ride into the light of the headlights.

Hengchi 4 was designed by Anders Warming
Hengchi 4 was designed by Anders Warming

3 more premieres from Evergrande Auto

Hengchi 1 to 6 were born in August 2020 vorgestellt. Different world-class designers designed the two sedans, the MPV and the three SUVs. There are now three more premieres to follow. So far, very little is known about Hengchi 7 to 9. Numbers 7 and 8 will be electric sedans, according to various presentations. Number 9 is supposed to be another SUV.

There is also another model in the pipeline that is being kept a secret. Its shape remains hidden under a cloth in all presentations, it is difficult to assess what is hidden underneath. From a sporty crossover with a long bonnet to a limousine, everything is possible.

The mysterious vehicle should not yet be seen in Shanghai. Across from National Business Daily Evergrande confirmed 9 vehicles for Auto Shanghai 2021. Officially, Evergrande has 14 Hengchi vehicles under development at the same time. Production of the first vehicles is scheduled to begin in the fourth quarter of 4. From the first quarter of 2021, Hengchi electric cars are expected to be sold on a large scale in the domestic market in China.

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    I would be happy if Mr. Warming implemented his SAAB design for Europe, and it would be assembled in Sweden.
    Before that, it's exciting to see how the Hengchi perform in the crash test and technically. Since the local press of Evergrande takes no notice, the blog remains the first information medium.

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    I'm curious what will be shown there. Expect to see this on this blog.
    Thanks Tom.

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