Former Byton CEO Dr. Daniel Kirchert on Evergrande Auto

The blog had already two weeks ago about the rumor of a possible switch to Evergrande Auto berichtet. Now confirm Chinese Media the change from Dr. Daniel Kirchert (Dai Lei) on Evergrande Auto. Kirchert founded Byton in 2016 with the former BMW manager Carsten Breitfeld. While Breitfeld Byton turned his back on it in 2019, Kirchert held out until 2020. Today Breitfeld works for Faraday Future. And Kirchert starts as Executive Vice President at rival Evergrande Auto.

Dr. Daniel Kirchert - here still in the service of Byton
Dr. Daniel Kirchert - here still in the service of Byton. Photo: Byton

It is an important step for Evergrande Auto. So far, managers have been at the forefront of the mobility provider who could not fall back on any expertise in the automotive industry. With Dr. Kirchert, who is considered one of the most experienced managers for the Chinese market, is changing that.

Kirchert was previously Managing Director of Infiniti China and then headed marketing and sales for BMW-Brilliance. During his 11 years of activity, Kirchert was able to increase sales of the Bavarian brand in China by eight times.

It is no coincidence that the BMW brand and the premium segment are the declared aim of Evergrande Auto. Dr. Kirchert is also considered an expert in product strategy and the development of sales networks. With 36 result centers planned, 1.600 points of sale and around 3.000 service points for the Evergrande Hengchi brand, this is expertise that the new employer will welcome.

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    I'm still looking forward to the El. Show in Shanghai.
    And I am pleased that Dr. Kirchert will soon be able to “let off steam”. A lot to do with the “adventure centers” ...
    Let's see.

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    The 4636 adventure centers, service and sales outlets are all for the Chinese market, who am I right?

    In addition, the national pride of a target group that is not bothered by the company name and the model names. A wide range of models in the upscale segment right from the start ...

    A big country, but there is probably not much room for the (European & American) competition?

    Is that still a purely private-sector strategy? Or does politics play a major role?

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    A good indicator of seriousness. When Kirchert goes on board, he sees an opportunity. NEVS as an example has never managed to sign a big name, not without reason, as we know.

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    Many are planning, Evergrande also seems to deliver ... exciting !, thanks Tom!

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