Volvo 945 2.3 Turbo - classic that runs and runs

The good old Volvo 240 has long been a coveted classic. The big 900 series has had a hard time so far, but is recognizable on the way there. The desire for well-kept specimens is growing, the prices are slowly rising. Anyone who has always had a large Swedish station wagon on their wish list shouldn't wait too long before making a purchase decision.

The cockpit of the 945 - functional and typically Volvo
The cockpit of the 945 - functional and typically Volvo

Robust and a little rough

Volvo offered the 900 series from 1990 to 98. The station wagon was seen as an alternative to the established German providers, and anyone who thought an Opel Omega was too bourgeois and a Mercedes T-model too luxurious turned to the Swedes. The 945 offered a lavish amount of cargo space, the utility was high. The brand's safety image also played a role in the purchase. One always had the notion that the large series could also have a long service life. The Volvo made an honest impression, was more rough and rough than elegant, but it had the gene of longevity in it.

The Volvo runs and runs

The petrol and turbo engines were not particularly economical with fossil energy either. But extremely durable if you allow them a minimum supply. High mileage, even beyond 700.000 kilometers, is less the exception than the rule.

The 900 series, the last representative of the rear-wheel drive era at Volvo, has sailed in the wake of the 240 with fans in recent years. The classic par excellence, with rising prices and growing popularity. The 940 the wallflower that was perhaps too big, too modern and too serious for true love.

But times change. Prices are still at the bottom, but the trend is rising. In Sweden, a 945 Turbo was auctioned for an almost sensational price, but it is still cheap beyond all romance. The Volvo can be considered a rarity, which also explains its price. A mileage of less than 100.000 kilometers is almost never found.

Rarely and prices go up

Being built in 1997, the station wagon with the enormous loading volume is a later representative of its class, that it comes from the first hand, also counts. 1 Swedish kronor, plus buyer's premium, reports that Auction house. € 12.800 for an old station wagon from Gothenburg, which plays with its utility value every upper and middle class SUV on the wall.

The prices are likely to rise further, the problem will be to find a copy on your own. In Germany, only one Volvo 945 is currently listed on a major portal. One! He too has less than 100.000 kilometers on the clock.

It's a hearse. You have to like that first.

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    One of these, albeit as a 960 3.0 24V, was my first “Sweden experience”, which was to shape my future automotive life.

    It was in the fall of 1995 - we had ordered a 5 Series BMW from Hertz in order to visit weaving mills in Belgium in one day from the office in Düsseldorf, but our order had been messed up there. With a corresponding delay - my colleague was already running very unevenly - the best piece that Hertz had in the stable at short notice was then delivered to the door - said Volvo. I took over the outward journey - sit down (that's how a car seat has to be), close the door (that's how a car door has to sound) and then it went - the car was wonderful to drive and despite the sometimes heavy traffic I felt very relaxed - and safe. That only changed on the return trip, on which my colleague took over the wheel 😉 With the one on the steering wheel of a rental car, every drive became a horror. Like the fuel gauge, around 20 liters per 100 km came to the “power station”.

    Two and a half years later my first Swede came into the house - V40 (the Saab 900 II had not passed the test run on my "test track" on the Gaisberg near Salzburg). It was a very pleasant car and I still think it's beautiful today. Six years later I was in the world of Saab.

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    Great classic with high utility value. I like these simple, calm lines.

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    I like the old Volvos and I think they fit the blog well. Because they are a threatened Swedish cultural asset. My sympathy for the China Volvos, on the other hand, is limited. Volvo is long too big and out of the quirky Sweden corner to ignore the Chinese owners.

    That they saved Volvo was valid a few years ago, Saab (much smaller) would have had a similar puppy protection. Meanwhile, Volvo belongs to a tough expanding China conglomerate, my love for it is zero.

    So, dear Tom. If the reader's opinion counts, then I would always be happy about a Volvo classic here at this point.

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      @Freising opinion always counts! I'm currently experimenting with the Volvo topics and possibilities, you might notice it. A test of what is read and what is not. The classics tend to be closer to me than the current models.

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    In the past, I always liked the optics of the “older” Volvos - as shown above - (especially the station wagons ... and somehow, for example, something exotic like the 262 C {Bertone}). They had a contour and an "edge"! 🙂

    But what I've somehow never liked at Volvos since my childhood were the fittings (interior; center console) of the Volvos. Bah. 😉 ;-(

    In the last few years (around 2010-1014) with my 9-5 SC, I have also been to Möhler for inspections / minor repairs more often.
    There I was able to take a closer look at current Volvos while waiting. I found the fittings to be even worse than in the previous ones. Especially the strange center console with navigation / sound / 4 round thick buttons.

    On the other hand, I usually really like today's Volvos from the outside (even the Polestar2), but generally don't want to drive a Chinese car (for different / several reasons). 🙁

    And the fittings and especially the center console (this strange mixture of ventilation and touchscreens) I still find cruel.

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    When I returned from Africa after many years with a small child in my "luggage" in 1993 and advertised Volvo with the slogan "And suddenly you are worth a Volvo" I bought a 940 station wagon.
    Conclusion; spacious, robust, reliable and also very stable in value. I don't remember exactly, but was very surprised at the proceeds from the sale!

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