Lots of good mood - Saab espresso cups landed

The heartbeat this week came when the truck with the Saab espresso cups was standing in front of the door. A whole euro pallet full of Saab porcelain? I could literally feel the piercing, skeptical looks on my back. He really did it ... A positive Saab infection has side effects. Some put a lot of Swedish tin in front of the house, the other espresso cups in the office. In the worst case, both take place at the same time.

Saab espresso cups
Saab espresso cups

Apart from that, any skepticism was gone by the time it was unpacked. Everyone involved was in a good mood, because the small espresso cups turned out really good. The engraving, handcrafted in the Mahlwerck factory in Teplice, exceeds all expectations! The cups are valuable, discreet and of course durable. Really cool and typical of the Göta Älv brand and their vehicles.

If Saab Automobile still existed ... I guess they would have been very happy with this idea.

Immediate effects

The Immediate Effects of Espresso Cup Operation? A warehouse full of cups, a slight smile on your face when the espresso machine runs to operating temperature in the morning and you can see the cups standing on the heating plate. And of course the espresso! It tastes even better!

Long term effects

The long-term effects? The next action is being planned. For the second half of 2021, but everything is completely different. If the focus of the current campaign is on Saab tradition, the coming one will be wilder and more modern. Promised!

250 x good humor for Aero X Club members

There are 250 Saab espresso cups including saucers. So 250 times in a good mood, not just in the morning. Not the full number of pieces goes on sale. Some cups go to blog partners, others stay in stock as a reserve. Orders can finally be placed on Monday. Thanks for your patience!

250 espresso cups plus saucers
250 espresso cups plus saucers

The Saab espresso cup, including saucer, will cost € 14,90. We are currently discussing some subtleties, such as the possibility of shipping to Switzerland. What we certainly won't do is shipments outside of the EU outside of Switzerland. The effort is too high.

The order forms for owners of the old Turbo Plus subscription and members of the Aero X Club online. The receipt of the order counts if more cups are requested than available. There will be no reproduction of the espresso cups with this design. The exclusivity of the promotion is guaranteed.

6 thoughts on "Lots of good mood - Saab espresso cups landed"

  • Dear Jochen, I am very pleased. A lot of heart and soul and love for the brand goes into these projects.

  • The cups are awesome. Thick porcelain so that the espresso stays nice and hot. Great workmanship, lovingly down to the last detail. What an asset to my collection. And thank you for the great campaign. That's Saab Spirit!

  • Alarm clock set, page set as the start screen in Safari, reload function already “practiced”, 1Password checked for bank / access data and a reminder set in Fantastical to turn off the phone and the bell late on Sunday evening, ... 😉 😉 😉 😉

  • The cups are amazing and I'm looking forward to having all the cups in the closet again….

    Have a nice weekend.

  • I think that's infinitely good.
    What an ingenious and unique action ...

  • Until Monday! 🙂

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