How, you don't know the Saab 98?

Granted, there's no shame in not knowing the Saab 98. Even very Saab affine people need a second or two. Yes, there was something ... The story was a long time ago and played at the time of a Saab 96 and 99. An era that is fading more and more because contemporary witnesses are disappearing and the classics only have a manageable fan base. Auto Bild Klassik is not alone with Saab coverage this week. That invites you to compare. The difference between good and bad journalism.

Saab 98 in Auto Bild Klassik
Saab 98 in Auto Bild Klassik

Saab 98 in the Autobild Klassik

The Autobild Klassik brings the Saab 98 out of the corner of oblivion. How she does that is amazing. In a positive sense. I admit that I have a subscription to Auto Bild Klassik. By the way, as the only car newspaper ever. Because I think that good journalism and special stories are worth the money and must be rewarded. The topics are usually exciting and well researched, and boredom only occurs in exceptional cases.

The article about the Saab 98, however, had it all. I read it, or rather devoured it, closed the booklet in disbelief to make sure that I actually had the Auto Bild Klassik in my hands. What happened? 8 pages about the Saab 98, written with depth and enriched with Saab anecdotes. I didn't expect it to be like that.

The background

The story about the Saab 98 is an international co-production. Written by Joakim Bergqvist, mainly for the magazine Classics is working. From him comes in-depth Saab knowledge, the little anecdotes and subtleties. The translation and improvement was done by Richard Holtz, who has written many Saab and Volvo stories for Autobild. The German editorial team provided the final touches, and the result of the cooperation was enthusiastic.

So dear Car picture classic, that was great. Gladly more of it in the future.

The contrary

The editorial team of the Classic cars the auto newspaper. But at least, she is dedicated to the topic of Saab. And that pleases. In issue 5/2021 you will find an article about the history of the small Göta Älv brand. (Thanks to Wolfgang for the hint)

But: No revelation, nothing that you didn't already know. Facts are mixed up wildly, there is no depth or background knowledge. The photos come from the press archive, they have been seen several times. A 9-5 becomes a 9-3.

Only buy if you really want to read Saab again. Compared to the € 4,90 for the Auto Bild Klassik, the € 4,20 for the Classic Cars is an enormous amount of money. Too much in this case.

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    But that was a long time ago! You really have to rummage through your memory box and think twice. Nice to see older models here. I also drive a 25-year-old who will hopefully get his vintage license plate soon.

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    @The Lizi - Trabbi !!!
    Sorry - once Ossi - always Ossi 🙂

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    … Trabi stock….

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    I also come out as an AutoBild Klassik reader. Also the only car magazine on my side table.
    In the same issue there is also painfully good news about Saab. Saab dies slowest !!!
    Of the 69.000 vehicles in 2010, 40.000 are still on the road. At Lancia the ratio is 59.000 / 24.000.
    It looks even more bitter with MG / Rover: 99.000 / 25.000. Curious: in the same period, the number of tobacco products grew from 35.000 to 38.000.

    If every Saab driver would pay one euro…. Ah. Let's leave the subject today.

    Saabige greetings

    The Lizi

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    So I think the Classiccars is a well-made magazine as well as the AutoZeitung from the same publisher. Both car magazines are worth their money!
    Yes, it's true, there are some errors in the Saab report and the report has been published before!
    It's a shame ... because the author: Klaus Uckrow drives a Saab 900 himself!
    Did he tell me personally?

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    Yes, it was a very informative and interesting article about the 98s.
    In AutoBild Klassik there are quite often articles about unusual or rare cars.
    With all my appreciation, I've read enough about Porsche or Pagode / SL ...

    And in the May issue of Oldtimer Markt a purchase advice about the Saab 96,
    in case someone has not already mentioned it ...

    We Saab lovers are doing well at the moment!

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    Hello Saab community!
    We (Saab F.-Thuringia) had already “entertained” extensively in our internal WhatsApp group thanks to Wolfgang's info about the report in CLASSIC - CARS - what remained positive is the fact that something about SAAB is finally in the print media again read / see !!
    Opinions can be divided about the journalistic “achievement”. I just hope that this does not become normal - do poor research - copy something and then add wrong captions !?
    I always thought - real journalists also have something like a “code of honor” - especially in the current situation, I find this particularly important socially ...
    But that's another story !?

    Nice rest WE and greetings from Thuringia

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    Saab blog read and (with the Saab) drove to the gas station and immediately acquired the Aubi. Hey, Tom, it's worth every penny! And of course the Saab knowledge gap closed immediately.

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      @ Black Swede, I'm happy!

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    Right, I didn't know him or I had forgotten him.
    Thank you.
    As with the rear of the 95, the 98 reminds me a little of the French. So get on your bike, go to the gas station and buy a car reading.

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