Saab 900i 1988 - a companion with taste and style

Spring time is auction time. In Sweden rare automobiles come under the hammer that are not available here. In addition to top-class vehicles, they also include classics such as the Saab 900i for little money. If the color scheme and interior design exude taste and style, then you should go for it. Or where else outside of Sweden can you find a beautiful Saab with so few kilometers that also has a link to the history of the brand?

Saab 900i 1988
Saab 900i 1988

Saab 900i 1988

It appears that many 900i survived in Sweden. The model at the base, far from the fast turbo. One explanation may be that the turbo share in export was always well above that in Germany. The basic versions were popular in Scandinavian markets, while performance and luxury were what counted for the rest of the world.

However, if you were willing to dig deep into your wallet, you could upgrade the 900i. In Germany there was the S package in 1988. Visually, the 900i resembled the Turbo models, there were black window frames and door handles, tinted windows, spoilers and light metal rims as well as additional headrests at the rear. For a surcharge you could order amenities such as a sunroof, power steering, electric windows and central locking.

It is clear that a Saab 900i now has its charm. With age and status as a classic, performance takes a step backwards, design moves to the fore. Especially the puristic shape of the 900i as a hatchback can inspire. You drive a designer piece. The performance? Almost a minor matter!

Fine companion with taste and style

A fine 900i comes from a Swedish Auction house to the call. Not a perfect car, but an interesting Saab that is suitable for entry into the world of classic cars. The car has signs of wear that indicate normal wear. The equipment is manageable, no air conditioning, no electric windows. The sky hangs, which is a minor matter, because the hatchback can be swapped quickly due to the large tailgate.

But this Saab has the famous, heated seats. The 900i switches it on and off via a thermostat, a feature that astonished many newcomers who were not so familiar with Saab in the 80s. Fully automatic, without a touchpad and without having to click through 10 submenus, by the way.

The mileage should credibly be less than 120.000 kilometers, a large part can be documented with the service booklet. The 900i has a historical link to the Saab transmission plant in Gothenburg, which no longer exists. It started as an employee vehicle and was later taken over by an employee, in whose family the 900i has remained to this day.

The exterior color, which could be Malachite Green Metallic (205), is great and particularly rare. In conjunction with the beige velor, the appearance is stylish and tasteful.

Price check - what can it cost?

The Auction takes place on April 22nd, the auctioneer sees around 5.000 to 7.000 € as a possible value. It is clear that the era of cheap basic cars is long gone in Sweden too. What has good and honest substance costs a few bills. Therefore, the assessment is realistic and the 900i is the basis, but definitely anything but boring.

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    Could I get really weak and make some space in my stable? Really a great color and a dignified interior. If only Sweden weren't that far away, but just laying 1500 km for a short distance is simply not possible.

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    A designer piece, never seen in this color before. That's right, Saab built cool cars.

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