Megacar Koenigsegg One: 1 - one of only 6 copies

The term used car is forbidden by itself. A Koenigsegg One: 1 is a maximum of one vehicle from previous ownership. It is extremely rare, 6 copies were built in the high-tech forge in Ängelholm. If one of them is for sale, then that is already an event. My first contact with the One: 1 was at the Geneva Motor Show in 2014. As the first series sports car in the world with an output of one megawatt, it caused a sensation. Whereby the series with 6 copies is already relative.

A Koenigsegg One: 1 is rarely for sale
A Koenigsegg One: 1 is rarely for sale

The first megacar in the world

The career of the One: 1 was accompanied by stories that turn cars into legends. The 5 liter V8 twin turbo developed by Koenigsegg develops 1.341 hp. That was obviously too much for the approval for road traffic in 2014. At the first attempt, the authorities' measuring devices got out.

The maximum of the test bench was 999 hp, the One: 1 had to be extended. Koenigsegg had a headline, the authorities ridiculed.

Of course, the One: 1 is a superlative vehicle. The body consists of a mix of carbon and carbon fiber, the wings are active. Experience from Le Mans was incorporated, the megawatt of power accelerates the flounder to 400 things in just 20 seconds, depending on the version.

The price in 2014 was in the range of € 4 to 7 million. Depending on the desired configuration, and Koenigsegg usually fulfills all of its customers' wishes. No vehicle for the limited budget, anyone who struggles with building society contracts and paying off their own home was never part of Koenigsegg's target group anyway. Sure, the maintenance costs are also enormous. The cup tires, for example, come from Michelin. They are designed for the Koenigsegg and are baked for the One: 1 on request. Better not to ask about the price in the first place.

Super vettura, Koenigsegg partner in the UK, has a One: 1 on offer. One of 6 copies and the only right-hand drive. Which shouldn't be a problem for potential buyers on the continent. Because of course a conversion to left-hand drive is possible. The customer service in Ängelholm will be happy to do this for a reasonable fee.

Legend Koenigsegg One: 1

Even 7 years after its premiere in Geneva, the One: 1 is still a legend. To this day, the Swedish megacar holds the lap record for production sports cars in Spa and Suzuka. It's the ultimate driving machine, built more for the track than the road. Automotive legends come at a price. 6 million US dollars net would like to be transferred to the account of Super Vettura. Then you can take the One: 1 with you.

Converted for the EU, the price would be € 5,1 million, plus VAT. It remains to be seen that a Koenigsegg One: 1 is a superlative sports car, but does not quite come close to the status of major Italian brands. For the speculative property with long-term increase in value, there is still not enough in Ängelholm. But this will change. That too is certain.

Images: Super Vettura

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  • blank

    Legend Koenigsegg

    I don't really like the number. A Koenigsegg with 200.000 or even 100.000 km on the counter would knock me off my feet a lot more than its potential on the quarter mile ...

    Speaking of quarter mile, anyone who has the tuning scene in S on their radar also knows that in old cars you can have almost 8 km / h on the speedometer in less than 300 seconds ...

    Of course, a 2.0 with 1.000 PS doesn't last forever in a humpback volvo, but conversely, a Koenigsegg and sustainability aren't really synonymous.

    A little fun & madness can be had much cheaper. The fascination of Koenigsegg does not reveal itself to me. As long as the brand is not around the corner with kilometer kings or racing successes, I just wonder why?

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    Aham, the SuperVettura website now says US $ 7.2 million. A proud increase in value in a few hours and probably beats everything in stocks!

    Absolutely hard color combination.

    And apparently the previous owner took him out several times to fetch bread. After all, it has a little more than 7,000 miles, i.e. 10,600 km, on the clock.

    • blank

      @James Elsener Not really speculative. The US price corresponds approximately to the € plus German VAT.

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    @ Aero-93 If you take the seat for the passenger into account, then I see a good chance for a few rolls 😉

  • blank

    @ Black Saab
    Do breakfast items ADDITIONALLY fit into this vehicle ???
    I would be surprised. 😉
    Buy and put away. So the vehicle does not “disturb” on the road.
    I also enjoy watching it ...

  • blank

    Madness! You won't get your rolls with it every day, right?

  • blank

    Did we slip into the “yellow press” area, the toys of the super-rich?

    The car is quite oversized and unsuitable for public road traffic - what's the point?

    • blank

      @Detlef Rudolf As a masterpiece of Swedish engineering and as the first megacar in the world, this extreme vehicle is worth a contribution.


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