We fly Saab spare parts - Airlift Germany - Spain

The Saab world is small, and it feels like it is getting smaller and smaller. There is now a Saab spare parts link between Frankfurt and Barcelona, ​​something is growing together. The blog project is not innocent of this, our garage project also has something to do with it. Because a beautiful Saab is currently maturing in Spain for a reader.

Saab air freight to Barcelona
Saab air freight to Barcelona

The Saab 9-3 is supposed to travel from Spain to beautiful Austria, which means we have a triangle. At the moment the Saab is parked at Berma, where it is being overtaken and the painter is also an issue. The bumper of the 9-3 is no longer so great and it would be better and cheaper to simply swap it.

Airlift Germany - Spain

A used 9-3 II front bumper is unfortunately not included Berma at the warehouse in Fechenheim at Saab Service Frankfurt but nice. But how does it get to Barcelona as quickly and cheaply as possible? No problem, because a flight is booked in the blog environment anyway and the bumper could travel as a piece of luggage? So the idea of ​​the Germany - Spain airlift comes up.

The Saab express transporter
The Saab express transporter

And so the bumper ends up in the 9000, which is very well suited as a semi-combination for large transports of all kinds. The 9000 swallows the part without any problems and asks, bored, whether that's all for today. Yes it is, only one suitcase still has to be carried. Little is going on at Frankfurt Airport, no comparison to the times before Corona.

So we provide some entertainment in the rather empty departure hall. Because a used Saab front bumper that flies for a walk causes a stir at check-in at a time that is depressing for the industry.

Small luggage. Suitcase and Saab 9-3 bumper. What else.
Small luggage. Suitcase and Saab 9-3 bumper. What else.

The flight to Spain is short and uneventful. During the baggage claim at the airport of the Catalan capital, the bulky Saab part can be identified without any problems. Our bumper was certainly the only one that was on its way from Frankfurt to Barcelona that day.

Hmm, a bumper at check-in. Finally variety!
Hmm, a bumper at check-in. Finally variety!

There is a bit of humor at the Spanish customs office, which is not so busy these days either. A customs officer asks with a grin whether the part fell off an airplane? Of course, it's from Saab and Saab is something like an airplane.

The departure lounge almost empty - the new normal?
The departure lounge almost empty - the new normal?

Yes, the team around the blog project is a bit crazy. If it fits, we also fly bulky Saab spare parts through Europe. The main thing is that we help and make another Saab fan happy with it. Because the Saab for Austria has to be finished. One more for our neighboring country, and one that is outdated and technically very good and can continue to serve for many years to come.

With which the blog mission would be fulfilled again.

This is how it continues on Sunday on the blog. Show the Saab flag is on the agenda. We have prepared something for this.

9 thoughts on "We fly Saab spare parts - Airlift Germany - Spain"

  • @Gosh
    Might like to have a look at the “secret” sources in Spain…. Need the part number.

  • @ Old Swede The way there is at least in theory. So far I have not been able to locate a large warehouse with Saab parts in Spain, orders are made when necessary. I would search the relevant platforms for used parts in Sweden.

  • Is there also a way from Spain to Germany? Looking for a telephone antenna for my 9-3I convertible. Here and in Holland they simply don't exist anymore.

  • Mega cool action, Saab drives Saabteile to the airport. In-brand shipping, so to speak 🙂
    The pictures of the empty check-in are depressing, I feel sorry for those around me now
    are on short-time work because of the canceled flights or have even lost their job.
    I would have loved to see the face of the customs officer in Spain ...
    Thanks for the great article!

  • What other car brand can experience this? Very great report. And quite a fitting comment from Spanish Customs !!

  • Very cool - so we can look forward to a Saab newcomer in Austria 🙂 In view of the low Saab density in this country, a fine thing.

  • Sympathetically crazy = typical Saab driver. Class!

  • Great, big SAAB cinema!
    The photo with the bumper in the SAAB 9000 CS is awesome: the perfect SAAB shipping company!
    Great effort, fantastic (SAAB crazy) story ...
    I'm looking forward to the “sequel” ;-).
    Sunny WE!

  • Bumper & Case - What Else?

    Splendid. Heartfelt & infinitely positive crazy. I have tears in my eyes. I am amused, I am delighted, I am touched ...

    You all have one thing on the waffle - just the right thing. What an article ...

    It's nice that there are such stories that they are first lived, written and then read. Simply terrific!

    What else? I can not believe it. Sure, what else? Simply delicious ...


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