We put a lot of pressure on - the Saab flag will be colorful

Without a little teaser, I can't let the readers off into the weekend. Our “Min riktika bil är en Saab” stickers 2.0 are in production. We do the printing and, as promised, the adhesives will be available in many colors. With the Swedish flag, of course, as a sign of sympathy and solidarity with Saab's Nordic homeland. Our print shop now provides a first picture from production.

Min riktika bil ares Saab 2.0
Min riktika bil ares Saab 2.0

Showing the Saab flag will be colorful

Version 2.0 of “Min riktika bil är en Saab” is our promotion for the Aero X Club in the 2nd quarter of 2021. Every quarter a little surprise, I had promised. In contrast to the Saabblog stickers that continue to accompany us and that can be ordered, this promotion is limited in time.

Because for quarter 3 we have something completely different again.

The stickers can be ordered online in the coming week. Free of charge, because the goodies are included in the contribution Aero X Club Members and Turbo Plus subscribers pay to fund the project. With the backup of the project you keep the blog online, we have fun writing and always thinking up new projects. And the members enjoy whatever comes to mind. Hopefully.

The “Min riktika bil är en Saab” stickers come in several eye-catching colors. They are suitable for all types of third-party vehicles and can also be given away to Saab friends. Show the Saab flag in an unconventional, colorful way, that can never be wrong. Because the world can really use color and friendly ideas.

4 thoughts on "We put a lot of pressure on - the Saab flag will be colorful"

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    Yesterday DHL brought the two espresso cups as a surprise. Very, very great cups. Well done Tom.

    It is a completely new feeling to read the Saab blog and enjoy a ristretto from the new cup.

    I'm looking forward to the glue and wish you and your family a great weekend, Tom.

    With warm regards from the shipped Swiss Jura


  • Anticipation!
    I wish all of you a nice weekend…

  • Good idea, I'm looking forward to the stickers!

    If you ever run out of ideas, I would have one:

    A SAAB BLOG fan / fun album, everyone sends a picture of the Saab and if you like one of yourself. That would surely make a lovely album with lots of great Saab and faces. Completely without compulsion and just as you like.

  • blank

    After a mixed week, this action brings a smile to my face. A nice teaser for the weekend, I'm happy!

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