A light on the horizon? When are Saab meetings coming back?

Actually, I would have been out this weekend. The traditional Saab meeting at the Hamburg Oldie Tanke was on the agenda. As always on the first weekend in May. Booked with hope in mind, knowing that a cancellation would be more likely than the event taking place. The pandemic prevented the meeting for the second time and the omission of the events hits the local Saab culture in a nerve.

Saab meeting Oldie Tanke Hamburg - canceled
Saab meeting Oldie Tanke Hamburg - canceled

Meetings, trips, regulars, historical motorsport. Saab life is actually colorful. Because people need company. And small, conspiratorial communities, like the Saab lovers, need them especially. The lively exchange with one another is important and if that doesn't happen, then a lot is missing. It's been going on for more than a year now, and it's gnawing at the substance tremendously. Lonely and alone is never good, if the phase lasts too long, then one or the other also doubts his hobby.

I felt it especially in winter. At certain intervals, emails arrived in my mailbox announcing my departure from Saab. This is called a hobby task. The diagnosis? Often (Saab) loneliness, sometimes the economic situation. But mostly it was simply the lack of exchange. No trips and the meeting at the regulars' table was also canceled. Something like that doesn't go well forever.

But there is light on the horizon.

More vaccine in the coming months, an increase in production. In the summer it gets better, until it's halfway good it's autumn. Until everyone who wishes will have full immunization protection. The summer season will still be cautious and characterized by uncertainties. For this reason, the IntSaab 2021 in Finland is still on the brink. A final decision is expected in the coming days.

2022 - 75 years of Saab

It looks better for 2022. There should be a large, international Saab meeting in Trollhättan. Actually, the next date would be 2023 if you stick to the usual 2-year rhythm. But Saab Automobile will be 75 years old next year, because it was June 10, 1947, on which the brand presented itself to the public for the first time.

An opportunity to celebrate. We ignore the fact that the brand no longer exists. Because what is on the street is important. What needs to be preserved and what is a contribution to living sustainability. Because every new car that does not have to be produced is climate protection in practice.

Will the international Saab community meet in Trollhättan in 2022? Perhaps, the odds aren't that bad. Sometimes you just have to trust the light on the horizon and hope that times will get more normal.

Because in addition to the company of other people, Homo Sapiens need one thing in particular. It's called hope.

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    How we choose is in our own hands. And I hope for meetings in which everyone can participate regardless of their vaccination decision. 🙂

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    the Franken Classic takes place
    there is still a lack of routine

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    We're already scratching our hooves, but optimism is growing
    Therefore we reported:
    July 10.07.2021th, XNUMX (!) Espresso Rallye, Ammersee
    03-09.2021 Franken Classic
    26.09.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX Fuggerstadt Classic in Augsburg
    everything with our light blue 96 "final"
    February 2022 Histo-Monte with our 96 rally
    Please keep your fingers crossed for us!
    96 happy greetings to all,

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    Yes, hopes rest on autumn. Finally out again without any major worries. And Sweden would be great in 2022. Oh, hope.

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    Good morning to all Saab friends - no, not a really nice topic at the moment ..
    We Saab Friends Thuringia had also planned a spring event for the end of May - it should be a weekend trip to the beautiful neighboring Franconia with an overnight stay and subsequent meeting and a joint trip with the local Saab regulars' tables. So far, a very complex planning.
    Everyone was in expectant anticipation - but unfortunately, after consulting the hotel again, we had to cheer this week on
    Yes, CRONA is also making it “difficult” to cope with our very numerous activities so far ...
    We hope to be able to "catch up" on our trip in autumn!?

    No matter - “Everything for the dachshund - everything for the club”!

    Everyone stays healthy

    Lg. Thomas


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