Min riktiga bil ares Saab 2.0 - now online

Our promotion for the second quarter of 2021 is online! Min riktika bil är en Saab shows its colors! More colorful and eye-catching than ever in fresh colors. And we are presenting the brand under the Sweden flag. Because Saab is an important part of Swedish car culture, even if the memory threatens to fade so slowly. We're doing something about it. Because it just has to be.

Min riktiga bil ars Saab
Min riktiga bil ars Saab

In fact, the situation has changed dramatically in recent years. They still exist, the people who only move Saab and only one Saab. You can easily identify them by the fact that in the rarest case only one Saab lives in the carport or garage. There is often a lack of space. Again and again another car with the magical griffin on the bonnet comes up. And who could resist that?

For the majority, however, the situation is different. A Saab, or two, as a hobby. For the relaxed time in life when the sun is shining and the temperatures are pleasant. Saab as enjoyment, relaxation and because you treat yourself to it. Everyday you drive differently. With a Volvo or Audi or whatever. Increasingly also purely electric. One or the other has a Tesla on their doorstep. Not just since yesterday, but he still likes his Saab.

In this position, the stickers come at the right time. A sign that you like your Saab fits on every car. Whether it is a hybrid, an electric car or a modern combustion engine. No matter, because the stickers with their bright colors are always a little conspicuous, humorous and very special 10 years after the demise of Saab Automobile AB. The text was deliberately chosen in Saab's mother tongue. We successfully resisted the temptation to translate it into German or English. Swedish, that makes things mysterious and puzzles.

At least if you are not an insider. And that is likely to apply to 99,99% of the population.

So how do you get the magic stickers? Min riktiga bil är en Saab (2.0) is available for all members of the Aero X Club and for Turbo Plus subscription holders. Free of charge, and two stickers are available for each member. One for your own third-party product, one to give away or to keep. However you like it.

Can be ordered immediately online. Best of all, they're free! Shipping will start on May 15.05.2021, 30.06.2021, the promotion ends on June XNUMX, XNUMX at the latest. Or before, if our supply is exhausted.

6 thoughts on "Min riktiga bil ares Saab 2.0 - now online"

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    Thanks Tom.
    Just: THANK YOU
    Greeting André

  • blank

    Became very nice. All I need now is the right car. At some point I'll probably need a second car after all.

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    Great, great idea, I'm already looking forward to it.
    Follows my English, photo follows.
    Thanks Tom!

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    I'm really looking forward to the little stickers and to be "there" again ... 😉

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    Always new ideas, a Saab dream! The stickers have become peppy and cool, once again my day is saved 🙂

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    Simply good ! ! !

    Once I drove behind a third-party make and the whole rear window was full of Saab stickers. In the center the round logo with griffin, big enough for a car dealership ...

    I was as happy as a honey cake horse, but this sticker here & today would have had the same effect on me. And so much more subtle and so stylish ...

    It is simply perfect in words and pictures.

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