In the middle of the crisis - Saab 93 at the Mille Miglia 2011

10 years ago there were two strange things about Saab. In Trollhättan the pictures stood still and the future of the brand was uncertain. At the same time, Saab showed its flag in Italy. With three Saab 93 from the factory museum, the manufacturer took part in what is probably the most famous classic event in the world. Mille Miglia and crisis, how did that go together? Quite a few critics saw this combination with a big question mark.

Saab 93 Mille Miglia 2011
Saab 93 Mille Miglia 2011

Saab and the Mille Miglia 2011

In addition, a factory Saab 93 was driven by Victor Muller and his son. The suspicion of the luxury trip at the expense of the company was expressed subliminally. An assumption that was unfounded. Saab had booked the performance long before the crisis occurred and the decision was 100% correct.

Because the Mille Miglia was and is a meeting of the automotive high nobility. Automobiles that were not built between 1927 and 1957 must remain outside. You can see top-class automobiles on the route between Brescia and Rome and the event enjoys a high level of media attention. The fact that Saab Automobile and Victor Muller chose this stage and showed their presence with three historic vehicles can be seen as a brilliant move.

The Swedish rough diamond

If the crisis had not occurred in Trollhättan at the same time, the production lines would not have stood still and the plan could have worked out. Saab would have driven back into the consciousness of an affluent audience, and that was exactly the intention. But as it was, the headlines from Sweden overshadowed the performance in Italy. What was well planned just got lost in the drama 10 years ago.

But Muller, as you can see a decade later, recognized the value of the brand. Saab, the diamond in the rough that had been pounding under GM for a long time, that just had to be ground. A lot would have been possible with the brand in the long term if the circumstances had only been a little better.

From the Mille Miglia In 2011 only the memory remains. To the appearance of Saab at one of the most exciting events for top-class automobiles, and that in the middle of the company's worst crisis.

6 thoughts on "In the middle of the crisis - Saab 93 at the Mille Miglia 2011"

  • Something for so-called normal consumers, with SAAB in mind, will hopefully come with the help of Königsegg. It would be completely wrong if in future there were only vehicles for super-rich customers in the pipeline. SAAB made by Königsegg actually sounds pretty good and it wouldn't be pure Evergrande products either.

    New vehicles under the brand name SAAB (and of course with SAAB genes!) Would make sense in particular for the European area - with the flood of new names and products, it should become even more difficult to establish new creations on the market at all.

  • @ Bergsaab,

    I see it similarly and in parts a little different.

    At Saab, a lot came off all kinds of shelves. Even and straight engines (every diesel, every V6 or even entire cars like the 9-7) ...

    I think your suggestion that Evergrande's interest in Koenigsegg can only be understood as a resuscitation strategy for Saab is extremely far-fetched.

    Saab is not coming back. And if Saab came from Evergrande, that would rather put me off ...

  • Muller had already got it on the right track. Unfortunately, he didn't have the money to put his plans into practice. Presumably he had bet on Chinese money, or something from Moscow from his friend Antonov.

    It's a shame, because there is one less car dream. At least a Saab is still standing in front of my office window.

  • small addition: thank you VM for the great 9-5NG aeroxwd, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to buy it. On Spiegel online there was recently a driving report for the Opel Insignia GrandeSport, and see the large tailgate is back! So I ask myself, was the one for the 9-5 in the pipeline (weren't there Erlkönig pictures ??) or did the Opel still tinker with it. A shame, with that SAAB would have moved a bit closer to the 9000er.

    • @Bergsaab The pictures were there, we had some on the Blog. Officially, it has always been denied that these vehicles even existed. Saab has never planned with a hatchback for the 9-5 NG.

  • Yes, it is really a shame that VM did not have the financial stamina to properly separate SAAB from GM and put it on its own feet. Perhaps Evergrande recognized the value… somehow I cannot explain Evergrande's commitment to Königsegg. A SAAB made by Königsegg sounds very different from a SAAB with Opel parts. The former is an ascent, the other is a descent. Not that the Opel technology is bad, but it just doesn't work as an image carrier for a desired premium product. Well, let's wait and see if Evergrande has a big plan there too. There is still no car brand that has such a relaxed, technically forward-thinking but not lifted image like SAAB. No swank, no showing off, just a technically high-quality vehicle at a reasonable (high) price.


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