Parallel worlds. We buy Saabs - for you!

There are also parallel worlds at Saab. Orio AB hit the headlines this week. The company is struggling with falling sales and the Swedish government is building up pressure to find a new owner. A changing market brings challenges for the sales structure. The German branch is also affected by the changes.

We live in parallel worlds. And buy Saab for you!
We live in parallel worlds. And buy Saab for you!

There the organization is being adapted to a shrinking market, as they wrote this week to the workshops. The goal in sight: Finding back to old strength. That definitely sounds promising.

Saab in the downward spiral? The story isn't that simple after all.

Sure, fewer and fewer cars will be on the road with the Greif from year to year. A law of nature, you don't need a market researcher for that. Saab cars that are used in everyday life will disappear over time. With a few exceptions. Because there are people who won't accept a new car or any other brand.

Saab classics are in demand

But, while the market for everyday cars is getting smaller and smaller, another Saab market has been growing steadily for years. Classics from Trollhättan are becoming increasingly popular, restorations are increasing, and good vehicles are in demand. A good vehicle does not mean the old 900 II on the gravel yard, nor the 9-5 from 7th hand.

Good vehicles mean a clear history, a good basis and originality. Only, such objects are not waiting around the corner and they are in short supply. So close that some workshops register more demand than they have good vehicles available. The German market is selected, and things don't look much better in neighboring countries either. If an interesting classic is offered and its key data are correct, then it sells quickly.

Saab classics are a niche market, for sure. But a very exciting one.

We buy Saabs - for you

In order to meet the strong demand has a workshop Lizi's garage commissioned with the purchase of classic Saab. Cars from Spain usually don't know a problem. The rust! The body of these vehicles is in good condition and an ideal basis for a restoration. The country is full of beautiful, well-kept collector's items that don't even appear on the web and are sold within the brand family.

Lizi is busy, looking for nice cars, ensuring the Saab supplies. Every Saab rescued in this way has the prospect of a long car life. It makes a fan and maybe someone among the readers happy. And, as a classic, needs a replenishment of spare parts. Good news!

IntSaab 2021 canceled

The news from Finland was not so good during the week. The IntSaab 2021 has finally been cancelled. Uncertainties caused by the pandemic prevailed, and after careful consideration the organizers considered the risk too high. This is understandable, but it is a pity for the work that has been done in advance.

In 2022 the IntSaab will take place at our neighbors in Luxembourg, maybe the Finnish fans will get a catch-up date for the unusual event in 2026.

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    @ Freising86

    In fact, it is - still - a trade secret. Of course, it will be reported on the blog…. when an idea and its first steps become concrete projects. And it's not the only aspect that “Lizi's Garage” will be expanded to ... It will soon be time to write about it here.

    Saabige greetings

    The Lizi

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    Now it would really only be my curious question which workshop is behind the Saab purchase. I guess this is a trade secret from Tom and Lizi. My tip: The workshop is in Kiel.

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    Great commitment
    And rousing written….

    In fact, my world of thoughts and feelings about Saab has been going roughly in this direction for some time ...

    I have given up the claim that my next Saab would have to be younger, faster and what I know to fit into my prey scheme. And that feels a lot better than it sounds. Given up?

    Actually, I tend to have the feeling that I've gained something - namely an important insight.

    Put simply, it goes something like this that a good Saab / a good offer, even without a turbo and almost regardless of the model year and equipment, appeals to me much more than any current new car. Maybe it's a little crazy, but it's still like this ...

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    Every Saab more is a win for us. Cool when there is a trickle of supplies!


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