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With the switch to the subscription model in January, it was clear that the time for advertisements on the blog was coming to an end. From a certain number of subscribers, the financing of the project is secured, as a thank you there is a completely relaxed reading pleasure for everyone. Without annoying advertising that is then no longer needed as a financing instrument. The point is getting closer, we are on the verge of it.

Almost 300 blog subscribers - on the way to digital freedom
Almost 300 blog subscribers - on the way to digital freedom

Reached 300 subscribers - almost

The magic mark of 300 subscribers is almost reached. Less than a dozen are missing, no insurmountable hurdle, on the contrary. With a little commitment on the part of the reader, it could be overcome quickly. And what happens then? We'll send the ads out into the desert, say goodbye to Google and turn the blog into a “Saab only” event.

Is that motivation enough?

All annoying pop-up windows will then disappear. We have already reduced these in the past, but they are always present, especially on mobile devices. There will also be no advertising for other car brands, no tracking, no cookies and whatever other torture devices are available.

What advertising will remain

Of course, the traditional Saab advertising banners of the supporters will be retained. They belong to the project and its history, without the help of these companies the blog might not have survived the early years. Unfortunately, they have become few, their number has continuously decreased over time. You can find them next to or below the text, they advertise Saab and nothing else.

Perhaps these companies will get better, more prominent positions in the coming weeks. What Google frees up can be used for Saab and thus support workshops and parts suppliers.

What is certain, however, is that in the future it will only be about Saab and that after switching off Google advertising there will never be any more annoying pop-up displays.

Would you like to subscribe to a blog?

As I said, there are less than a dozen subscribers missing. How quickly the advertising disappears from the blog, whether it will take days, weeks or months, is up to the reader. Never in the last 10 years has it been easier to read Saab without advertising, we have never been closer. At the same time as advertising, we adopt all tracking and analysis tools that are related to it. They are no longer needed.

Sounds good, doesn't it?

The subscription model is available for every budget. It starts from just € 7,99, a low price for digital freedom and the certainty that the data is on a German server and nowhere else. Here you can find the Subscriptions.

8 thoughts on "Read Saabblog without advertising - that's how it works"

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    I keep my fingers crossed!

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    Tom, is there any good news yet? Is something going on?

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      @Francis Yes, it is trickling so slowly. A few subscriptions are still missing.

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    * Only € 5 per month for the Aero subscription and everything revolves around Saab

    Sorry, communication & advertising. I couldn't help it. Sounds even better than the € 7,99 in the article, I think. And it's also true ...

    Even the Aero X Club subscription with all its advantages costs only € 7,92 per month, rounded up.

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    Great Tom! More so i ned ..

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    Without wanting to devalue anything ...

    but that is perhaps the best advertisement for a Saabblog subscription so far. That could give a push.

    Great. Chapeau. Thanks.

    I know that the blog is not political - or at least it actually doesn't want to be. But all the more cool I find these many small to medium exclamation marks that are used here again and again. Today also in terms of network policy. Of course, "completely apolitical" once again sent a small signal ...

    A spot on. Simply good.

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    What a great prospect! In any case, I will keep my fingers crossed and hope to see new / known 😉 followers soon. The blog "just" puts you in a good mood ...

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    Reading would be much more pleasant without advertising, sometimes it is really annoying. I'm curious what happens and if at all. In any case, I keep my fingers crossed for all of us.

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