Min riktiga bil ares Saab 2.0 - the stickers are on their way

Good news for the holiday, because something “saaby” will soon end up in many mailboxes. The "Min riktiga bil är en Saab" stickers are on their way! In trendy colors, they show the flag for Saab and Sweden in a sympathetic way. And the action is not over yet. It continues until June 30.06th. and the sticker can still be ordered by Aero X Club members.

Min riktiga bil är en Saab - the stickers are on their way
Min riktiga bil är en Saab - the stickers are on their way

Although stocks are dwindling, we can always reorder if the stickers are running out. Availability is not a problem and we have modified the order form. Because quite a few fans wanted certain colors, but we focused on the surprise effect in our planning. That didn't make everyone happy, we took special requests that were made by email into account.

We have responded for future orders, the desired color of the stickers can be specified from now on. If availability allows, we will take this into account. And, very important: The stickers are free for all club members!

What's next?

The little Saab gadgets we started with this year don't just seem to be fun to me. A kind of request concert comes from the circle of readers with certain ideas about what one would like to have. Interaction is great, but not all wishes are feasible and re-launching previous actions is only partially an option.

A little hint about what we are currently doing.

In the 3rd quarter we are going away from the bright colors and back to the old, great days of Saab. We are getting very Swedish (Teaser: Swedish language skills are always helpful) and try to reproduce a historical Saab trifle that is an essential part of every car from Trollhättan.

A bit of Saab spirit from earlier years comes back to the present, the brand lives on, and we're having fun with it. And, as always, what happens to the members of the Aero X clubs everything comes to be, but not ordinary.

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    Önskar att hunt customer comma in i clubs men det tar stop då hag ska ordna ett solveord. Det tar tvärstopp… .även the föreslår ett invecklat and totally omöjligt resolved at the comma ihåg !.

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    Stickers have arrived :-) Thank you very much !!

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    With the SAAB blog, customer loyalty is a top priority ... great. I would like to expressly thank you for considering the color design you ordered. In this way, the SAAB smile is even easier ...
    All readers: inside a nice long WE!
    Looking forward to the letter with the niceties.

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    Then let's be surprised
    Greeting André

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    I'm looking forward!

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