Saab is running - result of the May auction for collector's vehicles

Auctions for collector's vehicles are no longer a sure-fire success. The Bilweb May auction was therefore a mood test in the middle of the corona pandemic, which Sweden has a firm grip on. This time the Saab participation was manageable, just two of the vehicles came from Göta Älv. But they had it all. And one thing came as a surprise.

Saab 900 Turbo 1987
Saab 900 Turbo 1987

Generally the result was the Auction streaky. American sheet metal, traditionally popular in Sweden, was often far below the estimate. As always, Mercedes was a safe bet, at BMW things went reasonably well, at Volvo half of the vehicles were sold at the desired price. Not bad, and a little better than the previous auctions. Two Saab were also available. One an exciting one Convertiblethat was really remarkable.

A first-hand classic

That came first-hand, was originally a presentation object for the introduction of the classic 900 convertible in Sweden. A few kilometers, a very good condition and a nice color scheme made it a secret favorite. The auction house put the price between € 19.500 and € 21.500, a somewhat high price for Sweden. But comparatively little for the German or Dutch market.

The question was, would the price called out be achieved, or could one strike cheaply in the aftermarket? The Saab reached its estimated price and went to a new owner for around € 21.000 plus buyer's premium. A 900 convertible is always a currency, even in difficult times.

On the one hand risk and irrationality

It didn't look quite as relaxed with the second Saab. A cool one Saab 900 Turbo, an offer that called for irrationality and risk. Because the Saab had it really big under the hood. A 16 valve turbo is rarely found in a Gradschnautzer 900, it is the optimal power machine that is fun. In addition, there were relatively few kilometers, a first ownership by Saab AB and an absolute luxury equipment.

On the other hand, there is a lot of work lurking on the side of risk and irrationality. The body has rust, the Saab is a case for a restoration with the very large cutlery. But the result would be an unusual, addictive car.

When introducing the 900 Turbo a few days ago, I wrote about it:

Living Saab madness is a part of daring to venture into this project. But without the courage to be unreasonable and to take risks, life would be boring. You can always drive an electric car later.

At least one other person on this planet saw it similarly. The Turbo exceeded the estimated price, which was estimated between € 4.500 and € 5.500. For the equivalent of € 7.500 plus buyer's premium, the Saab drives into a new life and a new adventure.

It's nice when there can still be so much automotive irrationality in this world.

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    The 93X is a super vehicle. I've been driving my station wagon for 7 years! Even without the “Hirsch” he is on the move quickly. For excursions into the mountains, especially in winter, it is the ideal partner.
    Just be patient, a lover will be in touch!

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    Great Results!
    I am particularly happy for the “risky bidder”. May he in spe have a lot of joy with his power pack ...

  • blank

    “You can always drive an electric car later.” I can sign 100%.

  • blank

    Only 2

    But those at the estimated price and above. Isn't that good news?

    I read it like this: whoever has one keeps it. Hence only two. If you want a Saab classic, you have to dig deep into your pocket. Constantly deep for convertibles, increasingly deep for other models. Isn't it great!

    Saab heart, what more do you want?

    • blank

      Generally speaking, the news is good. In fact, fewer and fewer Saabs are being delivered at bilweb auctions. It seems that the enthusiasts keep their vehicles.

      What is extremely noticeable this year is the shortage of good Saab. Workshops that sell Saab now consistently report strong demand and far too few vehicles that are available. In the year 10 after the end of Saab and in view of the subsidized electric car euphoria, a somewhat remarkable situation.

      • blank

        @Tom, that may be anything. I can not understand. At the moment I am offering one of the rare 9-3X. With XWD, with automatic, with Hirsch Performance, with only 95000km, with TÜV 05/2023, top condition, etc.
        When it comes to the price, I even leave the option to make myself a reasonable offer! And the reaction to this offer? Just nothing, zero inquiries. Is a 9-3X just the wrong Saab?

        • blank

          Some series are in demand, others less. An example: The 9-3 I is currently sitting in the basement, waiting to be rediscovered as a classic. That will happen, but it will take time.

          It can be similar with the 9-3X. He is the exotic among the Saab. Everyone who wanted one got it through imports from Greece. The years of hype are over. The small market is saturated, nobody outside of the scene has this car on their radar. Patience alone helps.

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