Back to the roots. No advertising, (almost) only Saab!

The blog project is moving back to its roots. About Pentecost, the Google advertising disappeared from the pages. A plan that took a while became a reality last Friday. The blog now has more than 300 subscribers, an important hurdle has been cleared! The trend remains positive. More subscribers have been added since then, and the Aero X Club in particular is growing. That's nice, but it doesn't work without a pinch of Saab Spirit.

Saab BioPower

Because for some readers the blog has become a virtual home for their passion for cars. You don't want to do without it, and so one or the other does a little more than usual. So that the magical hurdle of 300 subscribers can be overcome, one of the readers took out a second subscription. Just like that, to support and motivate the blog team.

That is of course motivating and is unbelievable. In fact, it's especially great because this particular reader hasn't driven a Saab yet. In about three weeks he will receive his first car from Trollhättan, then he will start into the world of the small Göta Älv brand. What do you do as a blogger in such a case? Thank you by upgrading your subscription to the Aero X Club. I hope that will bring joy for both sides.

What's next with advertising?

The subject is not completely off the table. There are Saab advertisements from workshops and spare parts suppliers in the sidebar. This is essential because we naturally want to refer to these companies. Perhaps one or the other banner will move to a more prominent place in the future. However, we may also use the free space to advertise our own campaigns.

Nothing has been decided yet, we first enjoy the media silence.

Back to the roots

No more advertising for other car brands, no more annoying pop-ups. The blog as a virtual Saab reserve, as one of the last places of retreat. It's going back to basics, which is a little crazy in 2021. Saab has not been alive for 10 years. Volvo moved here llast week off, and if you ignore the very clear reporting on Evergrande Auto, NEVS and Koenigsegg and my usual view of the bigger picture, this is 100% about Saab.

Will that work?

I guess so. Because the scene is alive and there are workshops that live the brand 100%. Youngtimers and classics are generally a topic, and one that is becoming more interesting. In an increasingly ideological and not fact-based discussion about the mobility of the future, many are discovering the charm of old cars and their sustainability.

Focus on sustainability.

A longer service life is eligible and saves resources. Alternative fuels would immediately bring about a noticeable reduction in the CO2 footprint, older vehicles could be used even longer. This topic is hidden from politics, but auto companies are driving it forward and making it interesting.

Because there is more than one way to a better future, you just have to want to see it. There is no alternative to a term that German politics unfortunately uses almost inflationarily. Technology openness for the coming years would be the better word. Because clean mobility has to rely on a variety of solutions.

Giving old analog cars from Trollhättan a contemporary stage is the project's mission. Not because we look back with sentimentality and romance, but because the existing can be combined with the present and the future. Each subscription strengthens the blog as an independent platform that can now be read without advertising and without tracking.

Thank you to more than 300 committed, great people!

16 thoughts on "Back to the roots. No advertising, (almost) only Saab!"

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    In a crazy way, the lack of advertising and especially the absence of Volvo topics has a very liberating effect and feels a bit like a "spirit of optimism".
    Let's save the blog!

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      In a nutshell.

      The page looks completely different, scrolls comfortably and without the smart phone opening ads that you definitely didn't want to open.

      It is literally pure pleasure and somehow feels like leaving ...

      I can well imagine that subscribers will follow. The blog is enthusiastic and only with a subscription is pure pleasure unrestricted. This is well done and hopefully gives the blog a long future.

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    Congratulation! For me as a virtual Saab driver, the blog is also the virtual Saab reserve!

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    It took a while before I became a member of the Saab community. It started with a few small contributions as a guest. The gentleman project followed. Lizi's garage has been online for three months now, and my life has never been so messy. Almost every day I meet great and unique people who couldn't be more different.
    However, they have a few things in common. You drive a Saab or soon will. And they are part of a community that connects people across borders who hold similar values ​​and views and who have a sense for something special. I sometimes talk to strangers on the phone and after a few minutes I have the feeling that I am talking to old acquaintances or even friends. I thank everyone for these special moments full of openness and personal stories. For the courage to get involved in something as unusual as blindly buying a car across borders. And some salespeople for trusting me to entrust some intimate things to me. There is something like this only among Saab drivers.
    Spring is here. The travel restrictions have fallen. The garage is fully fledged. Spain-wide. I'm looking forward to even more great people and their beautiful cars.

    The Lizi

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    300… yes, yes, yes…

    Thanks to Tom and the team for the great blog work

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    Dear Tom,

    I am pleased that the number of subscriptions has reached 300. The support is more than fair.

    If there ever was a shortage of topics ... I would have one. Reports about the known and unknown Saab partners. I feel in good hands with my partner in the Oberland - that is, in Bad Tölz. But I would also like to read about other dealerships. In Bamberg, Frankfurt, Berlin and in the country.

    Best regards to the whole team

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      Dear Peter, I had already planned the other dealerships and appointments had already been made.
      Then came the pandemic ...

      The plan is still in place, with falling incidences and hopefully an early vaccination (currently only one request) it will become relevant again.

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    I had signed up for a subscription, unfortunately unsuccessfully, so that I could not read many reports recently. With that I would like to expand the 300 hundred circle.

    Best regards from Lunenburg (a small SAAB stronghold in Canada)
    Erik 900

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    Congratulations, Tom. More than 300 subscribers. Great. And I'm sure there will be more to come.

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    Congratulations to the blog (and his MA in the background ...), the magic number has become a reality.
    I like the tidiness of the “new” website. It goes without saying that SAAB advertisements are placed. Live and let live. They are important contact points for good know-how. I'm looking forward to the coming SAAB time!
    And, THANK YOU for the great SAAB convertible photo, great perspective!

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    Runs ... It's great, the readers just know what they have got on the blog. Keep it up!

    If you can make a wish today: is there a continuation of the history of espresso cups?

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      Yes of course. It will continue in autumn, the new project is already very specific and Saabishly cool 😉

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    Well, that's a nice development and makes you happy, the blogger and the readers. Congratulations Tom!

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    Dear Tom! You are a great “writer” and what would the SAAB scene be without your great contributions. You feel in good hands and are a little proud to drive at least 1 SAAB model. But it's also funny that there are SAAB drivers who haven't heard anything from the blog. Experienced last week, the driver was quite “lazy”. Anyway, lG. to Hösbach!

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      That reads ...

      from Z to N, from the 1st to the last letter, great. A great article that has a lot of positive things to say and makes a very apolitical - at least impartial - but justified and elegant announcement in terms of consumption and the environment with a little dangling.

      … simply good.

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