Blog subscription with credit card without PayPal

At the start, the blog subscription was only possible with PayPal. But the readers want alternatives and so we have integrated another payment service provider. A subscription without an existing PayPal account is now possible. All you need is a Visa, American Express or Mastercard. This will make us more flexible and open the blog project to a wider audience.

Saab 9-3 SC

To the Subscription models we haven't changed anything ourselves. The entry begins with the linear model for 30 days. You can also book the Vector or Griffin model for 90 or 180 days. Our cheapest subscription is the Aero Level. 360 days for € 60, or just € 5 per month, which would cost about as much as a car magazine.

Aero X Club

You get the full Saab passion with the Aero X Club. A little more than the usual dose of Saab, recommended for those who can never get enough of the brand. For 95 € / 360 days there are many Saabian goodies on board, which are exclusively available to club members.

Every quarter there are new actions and ideas. The soon going online shop will only be available for Aero X members or owners of the “old” Turbo Plus subscription.

More options

We have one for international visitors who, depending on the country, could have difficulties taking out an online subscription due to the firewall settings Guide added for manual posting. The same applies to readers who neither have a PayPal account nor a credit card. There is also a manual solution here.

Regardless of which subscription you choose: Each additional subscription strengthens the blog project and helps us to keep the Saab spirit alive. It secures these sites as a digital retreat for a special car brand that made extraordinary vehicles beyond the mainstream.

5 thoughts on "Blog subscription with credit card without PayPal"

  • Great photo. Nice color.
    Much more important than the 9-3 SC, of ​​course, is that there is one more excuse and one less hurdle.
    The blog offers a lot. Very much. Everything about Saab and that without hurdles, without advertising. Big cinema. Hopefully there will be a few more subscriptions.

  • Oh, will there actually be a high mileage club? Wasn't that something planned? At the moment it is 317.000 km for me

    • There will be. It goes online before our shop! With 317.000 you are there 😉

  • Rarely 95 euros so well invested! Thank you for this wonderful format and please keep it up!

  • That this SAAB Turbo blog offers so many opportunities to be there,
    I find impressive / remarkable. Bravo.
    The lived positive spirit of the SAAB is (even more) visible ...
    So: welcome to the blog! 🙂

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