«Heja Sverige» - a unique exhibition that thrilled!

Precisely for the Swedish national holiday, a unique exhibition of 6 Saab and Volvo classic cars took place in the historic town of Unterseen on Sunday, June 2021, 35 under the motto “Heja Sverige”. The total of 70 classics represent Swedish cultural assets and automotive art from the era from 1950 to 2000.

Saab in the foreground, Tower in the background. That fits.
Saab in the foreground, Tower in the background. That fits.

Special highlights of the presentation were various Saab 93 - 96, the lightweight Saab Sonett sports car, a rare Volvo PV 831 from 1954, a rare PV 444 Model C from 1952, a PV 544 that drove from Hamburg to Hong Kong as well as a P1800 and an Amazon 122 S, which ran the route from Gstaad via Berlin to Beijing without any breakdowns. In addition, numerous historical sports and rally models from both brands enriched the unique presentation.

The exhibition in the middle of the picturesque old town of Unterseen delighted a large audience and was a very successful occasion and a promise for the future.

“Heja Sverige” - Saab and Volvo enthusiasts showed their classic cars in Unterseen on Sunday, June 6th, 2021, the Swedish national holiday.

Volvo and Saab are very important

Volvo and Saab vehicles have always been very important in Switzerland. They are considered innovative, durable and offer a high level of active and passive safety, which is otherwise rather rare in classic cars.

At the attractive “Heja Sverige” presentation in the historic town of Unterseen on Sunday, June 6th, 2021, IG Swiss Volvo, in cooperation with Saab enthusiasts, showed an exciting cross-section of the history of Swedish automotive culture. 35 models from each brand from the 1950 to 2000 era were presented.

Particular eye-catchers among the classics from Trollhättan were the Saab models 93 to 96, the innovative Saab 99, the Saab 900 Cabriolet and the lively, lightweight Sonett sports cars.

A very special heavyweight was a rare Volvo PV 831 from 1954, which went down in history as the legendary large-capacity taxi. The “Buckeli” Volvo PV 444 and 544 were just as worth seeing and popular - including a model that withstood the rigors of a 15 km journey from Hamburg to Hong Kong. The fact that Volvos are extremely robust and at home on long journeys was also demonstrated by a P 000 Coupé and an Amazon 1800 S, which made the journey from Gstaad via Berlin to Beijing without any problems.

The presentation of the Swedish car culture history was rounded off by the sporty versions of Saab and Volvo, which caused a sensation in motor and rally sport - for example a successful Saab 96 V4 with a whopping 185 hp, tuned Saab Sonett II and III or a Volvo 850 T-5 R with 240 hp, which at its time was one of the fastest station wagons on the market.

A promise for the future

On the successful “Heja Sverige” occasion in the town of Unterseen, Petrus did his part and spoiled the audience with a mostly sunny, warm day. The perfect organization was also well thought out: in order to avoid traffic jams in Unterseen, the old timers were collected at the Wilderswil airfield, led in five convoy to the historic town of Unterseen and positioned according to the “master plan” on the allocated stands, depending on the model type and age or uniqueness.

The unique “Heja Sverige” in the Unterseen town hall is history and a promise for the future.

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    There's even a red P 145 Express ...
    Truly a great meeting with many stars who are stealing the show from each other. Terrific.

    One could write a book about the Express alone. In case anyone here doesn't know, Volvo continued to build the Duett (station wagon version from the hump) until the appearance of the Express. Neither the Kombi-Amazone nor the normal 145 with its well-known large trunk seemed to Volvo an adequate replacement. Volvo?

    Various Swedish authorities are said to have had a say at the time. The continuation of the duo has demanded forest authorities, the post office, telephone and military. Only with the Express did the state allow Volvo to stop the duet without fear of sanctions.

    At that time, the Swedish state had plenty of leverage and influence on model policy. The Duett has not reached a high volume lately and the Express has always been an exotic one. It was not worth it for Volvo. Or maybe.,.

    The Duett and the Express were last cross-financed or lifelong. For example, through the purchase of trucks and other vehicles - also by the state, authorities ...

    In other than these very special circumstances, the Express would probably never have existed. Again, a great meeting! ! !

  • blank

    ... must have been a fantastic day.
    Thanks for the many great pictures, to rave about.

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    The cars were really big movies.

    I have seldom seen so many beautifully restored Saab and Volvo together.

    The star of the exhibition for me was a Monaco-yellow 900 turbo convertible, which unfortunately was only there for a very short time.

    For me it was the most beautiful Sunday in many months and I had a wonderful journey there and back over the routes that I regularly drove with my vintage motorcycle years ago.

    My 9-3 convertible enjoyed it almost as much on these streets as my Guzzis did back then.

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    It was a great and very successful occasion! Thanks for the nice report and the great photos!

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      Great. Another 2.000 thanks to C. Bleile for articles and pictures. It was again a great pleasure for me ...

      If I could choose something, I would like the 96 with 185 hp - or its opposite, the huge, cozy taxi from Gothenburg with its slack but indestructible pre-war engine ...

      Or, or, or one of the many others between these two extremes. A very fantastic meeting, without a doubt ...

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