Saab Car Museum reopened

The Saab Car Museum is one of the most beautiful car museums in the world. It is picturesquely located directly on Göta Älv. The historical ensemble once housed a locomotive factory. Steam and electric locomotives went to many countries from here. Today the former Saab factory collection awaits visitors here. Due to the pandemic, they stood in front of closed doors for a long time. This has changed now.

The Saab Car Museum is at home in an old locomotive factory
The Saab Car Museum is at home in an old locomotive factory

The Saab Car Museum is probably unique in the world. It houses the complete history of the small Swedish brand. Starting with the original Saab to the last vehicles that rolled off the production line in 2011. Every fan of the brand should have visited the museum at least once in their life. It not only offers prototypes that you have not seen before, it enchants with its special flair and the people on site.

Because it is Saab veterans, former workers and employees who volunteer their service in the holy halls. They can tell firsthand stories about Saab and they love to do it. Going there with a lot of time in your luggage is a good idea.

Swedish mopeds

With special exhibitions that change over and over again, the collection is always exciting. In the course of the reopening, ideally at the beginning of the travel season, an exhibition on Swedish mopeds and industrial design enriches the collection. What at first glance doesn't seem to have anything to do with each other, Saab and mopeds, definitely has a connection. The designers Björn Karlström, Pelle Peterson, Sixten Sason, Folke Bernadotte and Rune Monö and their work are presented. Two of them were competitors when it came to a new Saab.

Swedish mopeds as a special exhibition
Swedish mopeds as a special exhibition

Karlström and Sason - the rivals

Björn Karlström and the great Sixten Sason were once rivals in the race for the Sonnet II. A Swedish crime thriller that surprisingly ended up to the detriment of Sason. However, also to the disadvantage of Saab, because with the decision for the inexperienced Karlström you suffered anger and problems.

Today that is history and part of the Saab saga. Björn Karlström's MFI 13 and Catherina von Sixten Sason park next to each other in the current collection of themes. Who that Drama does not know, he only sees two prototypes from back then. But if you have the story behind it, then you walk around the vehicles and suppress a little tear because of the missed opportunity.

The Saab Car Museum has been open every day except Monday from 11:00 a.m. to 16:00 p.m. since June XNUMXst. For families there is special rates for entry.

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    Yes.l wish to visit near future. But mainly l wish to production carefully again with govermental credit and aid must be.l think SAAB aircraft continue well.I think they are the same company. Must be supported each other.Also l wish supply information and buy decision Swedish Saab Gripen multi role aircraft Turkish Air Force why not? ...

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    Hi all,
    Oh, how beautiful…. and now I would like to be Sweden and especially in the Saab Museum. It's been two years since I was in Sweden, two years since the last museum visit. As time goes by and "withdrawal" gets more severe in the same measure.
    See you soon in Sweden, in Trollhättan and in the Saab Museum - definitely for the Saab meeting in 2022.
    Until then, I enjoy my Saabs and the local Saab meetings.
    Saabige greetings and above all stay healthy.

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    Hi Tom,
    Not just the Saab Museum, but also the history of the
    early industrialization through the gigantic hydroelectric power station
    and the impressive cascades of lock systems
    Making the waterway navigable are worth seeing, as it is not only
    six locks are connected in series, but also one
    earlier, narrower complex that was left to decay
    and a subsequent, wider lock cascade than that
    Ships got bigger. I was there at the end of June and stayed on the
    On the way back from the North Cape (with Bulli Bj.83) there are a few nice ones
    Days spent. Definitely also interesting for non-Saab fans.

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      I subscribe to every word of this addition.

      Speaking of which, you also have to add that you don't necessarily have to drive a Saab to gain something from the museum. It is enough to be a historically interested automobile enthusiast. You get very, very much on offer in the museum ...

      Locks and hydropower are of course also attractive.

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    The license plate holder of the museum causes repeated glances on my third-party product 🙂

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    I fully agree with you Tom, the visit is a must for every Saab fan.
    Like you, I was there for the Saab meeting in 2013. I always like to pick up the photo book I made afterwards. I will not forget the conversation with Eric Carlsson in the museum. I honor his autograph!

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    Oh yes, the museum is a must.

    Once inside, I'll never go back to south-west Sweden without a visit. By the way, there is also a fantastic Loppisar and right next to it a large Red Cross shop in Trollhättan.

    Anyone who visits all three (museum shop, Loppis and Red Cross) without buying anything is not a person for me - is either a super or a monster ...

    I found something everywhere that I really wanted and it was a lot of fun.

    Incidentally, the Volvo Museum would also be worth another visit. It's also in the southwest. I didn't get out of there without any minor results either ...

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      Sounds very appealing !! Would like to go there too.

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    The picture with the 9-4 X feels like a picture from a showroom for new cars - unfortunately this is not the reality.

    Really a well-kept car museum!

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