The Saab meetings are coming again - please report!

Something like normality is slowly returning to the Saab cosmos. The first meetings and get-togethers take place again, the scene carefully awakens to new life. We like that, and we want to do our part for the new start. We don't yet dare to publish an appointment calendar. Planning several months in advance still seems very daring. So Mark came up with something else.

Saab meeting

The traditional Saab appointment calendar, with get-togethers, meetings and trips in German-speaking countries, will probably come back in 2022. When the circumstances are a little more stable and serious planning is possible. In the current situation, we want to remain flexible, also because the meetings often take place spontaneously and only a short time in advance.

Meetings are an important part of Saab culture. To be honest, we all missed them! The relaxed exchange with like-minded people, something that primarily involves Swedish cultural assets, was suddenly no longer possible. The big Saab events fell victim to the pandemic, dates were postponed or canceled without replacement.

A prominent victim is the IntSaab in Finland, which will not take place.

Saab meeting please report!

It is important that we fly the Saab flag again, and that we do it primarily outside of Facebook and the forums. The scheduling here is freely accessible, we would like to send the sign of life that many Saab fans have been waiting for months. Whether we have anything to report now depends entirely on the organizers of the events. The blog just provides the platform.

We will publish the current Saab dates once a week, that will be on Thursday evening. In this way, we get a very up-to-date schedule before the weekend and can also include spontaneous, small events. We think it's a good idea.

This is a beginning, a first step back towards the old days. The administration of the appointments is again taken over by Mark, who is looking forward to “blog work” and active participation after the Corona-related forced break.

Enter Saab appointment:

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5 thoughts on "The Saab meetings are coming again - please report!"

  • blank

    Is brave to take the evil 9-7x NON-SAAB-SUV-GM-DEVIL as a contribution picture, thanks for that! 🙂

    • blank

      My elder occasionally but regularly suggests that I should buy one. He's totally into the US Saab.

    • With pleasure! By now the fan community should have made their peace with the 9-7x. I hope 😉

  • blank

    Thanks to Mark - great news ...
    Be sure to announce our next Saab appointment 🙂

    SAAB greetings from Thomas - today from Trier

    PS: Have never seen so many CABRIO'S as here (across all brands)

    • A great idea.

      PS we moved to Ammerland some time ago and we see some Saab vehicles here again and again (thank God), but we haven't found a meeting or anything like that so far. Is there a contact here after all?

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