Evergrande Auto - summer tests in a desert climate

Evergrande Auto is preparing to start production in the fourth quarter of 4. Hengchi brand electric cars are completing their final test cycles. The manufacturer announced this week that large-scale production of e-cars should run in 2021. A few days ago, Hengchi 2022, 1, 3, 5 and 6 were released for final summer tests. If the winter tests took place in Sweden, Austria and China, and there were also other tests in Germany, Turpan in the autonomous Xinjiang province was now chosen.

Roll call - started for the Hengchi summer tests
Roll call - started for the Hengchi summer tests

Summer tests in the desert climate

Turpan has a continental desert climate. The annual rainfall is 16 mm, the summers are extremely hot, the winters cold. Now, in the warm season, the average temperature is 40 degrees Celsius, an ordeal for e-cars. Evergrande tests the performance of the batteries and their cooling systems in this environment. The effectiveness of the air conditioning and the behavior of electrical systems in desert climates are on the agenda, as is the behavior of the braking systems in extreme heat.

Desert tests are the acid test for every new car. Saab once liked to test in Nevada, a US state with extensive desert areas. But that's long gone. Even if the company owns the legacies in Sweden, Evergrande is not the brand's successor. The focus is entirely on China, Sweden currently only plays a role in research and development.

Hengchi 1, 3, 5, 6 and 7

At the start of the summer tests there was a small ceremony with Hengchi 1, 3, 5, 6 and 7 in front of the Hengchi plant. What is well received as marketing in China and worth a short film looks a bit strange to European eyes.

The test team's roll call appears like a military formation. Clothing alone distinguishes engineers from militia. What is also noticeable is the pleasing, but bland design of the vehicles. If you are looking for something typical of the brand, you will not find it. Instead of the Hengchi lion, NIO or BAIC could also be on the bonnet. Nobody would notice.

A result of the fact that various designs have been purchased externally. There is no brand identity in the supermarket and there is no quick process. But maybe it's the technical data and not the design that will convince.

The market launch and the technical data of the e-cars can be eagerly awaited. Evergrande Auto does not rely on the technologies of CATL or other well-known suppliers for the batteries, but goes its own way.

The company has its own production. In order to keep the batteries up to the latest technical standard, the development team of a Korean competitor was recruited. The action caused some anger in Korea and was likely to have been financially demanding. In a few months it will be possible to see whether it was worth it.

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  • Roll call - started for the Hengchi summer tests
    I am surprised that the heads of the MA are not aligned ..., mistake in the advertising department ???
    Let's wait and see what comes next. So far there has always been a lot of hot air. And the doubt remains whether e-mobility is the last word in wisdom ...
    Is Hengchi also researching alternative drives ??? Or does Hengchi "regulate" everything through purchases?

  • I would still be interested in how closely Evergrande is intertwined with the political leadership ...

    The main concern of the large-scale Operation Hengchi seems to be dominance in the national market.

    The Chinese people should be amazed, cheer, buy. The rest of the world should get angry and sink into the ground in awe.
    It's all so symbolically and nationally overloaded, is a declaration of independence, is the end of technology transfer, is perhaps the beginning of the end for the production of one or another foreign automobile brand in China, is like a triumphant advance of the system and state leadership ...

    It reminds me of the Cold War, of how totalitarian systems tried to portray themselves as superior to liberal democracies by all available means. For example with systematic doping and squad training in sport ...

    Evergrande & Hengchi also seem to be very doped to me. I find the whole act pretty creepy and highly suspect ...

    The question of the design and a brand face is also superfluous against this background, it is far too western and free-market-based ...

    What is a brand identity and a recognition value for us (in a pluralistic society) would even be a hindrance to the desired dominance of the hengchis in the Chinese market, because it would result in a uniformity. Imagine if only BMW drives with us. Every car would have the same pig nose ...
    That would be worse than in the GDR, where you alternated between Trabbis and Wartburgs.

    In the endeavor to dominate the Chinese market and to displace (foreign) competition, the renouncement of a brand face was most likely not a savings solution, but is deliberate and strategic.

    Evergrande has also popped up here and not spilled over. As always. All vehicles from a single pen would definitely have been cheaper than distributing them to several renowned studios around the world ...

    • The distribution across several renowned design studios around the world also shows that you want to work with specialists outside of China - so there is no exclusively national overload.

      I am assuming that the Chinese manufacturers primarily want to compete with car manufacturers from other countries - it is clear that politicians want to shine in this, too. The production of German cars in China and the import of foreign makes to China are also likely to be somewhat different in the future. The players with the better products and smarter strategies will win.

      • Cooperation is ...

        In the context of China, I am afraid that this is a far too cooperative term.

        The adoption of technical know-how, copying and plagiarism has been perceived as a quality of its own for centuries. It is considered to be an expression of cultural and mental superiority when one acquires more than what the Middle Kingdom gives up or loses in an "exchange" with other cultures and "rich people" ...

        Evergrande's shopping spree including foreign engineers for the next generation of batteries (which is mentioned in the article) follows a historically centralized way of thinking, which has its roots in the great power fantasies of emperors and their officials and never would have tolerated any contradiction or even resistance ...

        You have to see it so clearly and name it so clearly.
        There has never been a socialist anti-capitalist striving in the sense of Marx & Engels in China. Also never a desire for cooperation or international understanding.

        No, it's a very unique and very special number. Party and state leadership stand solely in the tradition of power-conscious and nationalist-minded officials from the imperial era. It is ruled with a stick and a carrot.

        Cooperations? Not in our sense of the word. Not with Hong Kong, not with Tibet, not with the Uyghurs, not with international design studios and not with Trollhättan ...

        We can safely remove our make-up ...

        Do you know Chinese films? Some of these are masterpieces that have also won international prizes. It is disturbing, however, that in the end the hero or heroine always served the kingdom, ideally even sacrificing themselves or at least a great love for it. Other films are simply banned in China.

        If the path to a new Saab leads via China, it is not a Saab ...

        • @ volvaab driver

          From this point of view, a new Volvo is not a Volvo either - the Volvo managers in Gothenburg also work for a Chinese-run company.

          However, Volvo's own ideas and innovations flow into new products - developed and produced by Swedish engineers and designers. The vehicles are perceived as Swedish products. However, the required capital comes from China - if this had not happened, Volvo would have been insolvent for a long time.

          You shouldn't associate the auto division with officials from the imperial era - least of all with Tibet and Uighurs. However, the cooperation with international design studios is apparently real.

          Jaguar is still Jaguar - capital there came from India, as is well known. Jaguar vehicles are perceived as an English product and most of them are also manufactured there.

          What is really disturbing for me is a company like VW for example - years of environmental pollution from prohibited technology. I would definitely prefer donors from China, who lead to a new environmentally friendly SAAB.

          You shouldn't reject everything that comes from China or even be afraid of it - that would be almost manic.

          • Volvo

            The way you write it, it sounds like Volvo is independent except for the money and technology, design & know-how is still a Swedish national good ...

            Unfortunately this is wrong. In China there are three automobile plants, an engine plant and, above all, a large R&D center.

            It has long since had nothing to do with an extended workbench for Swedish managers and engineers.

      • The latter only works in a free market and the regime is moving further and further away from it.
        I am increasingly uncomfortable with their rapidly growing power in all areas. Unfortunately, this is not taken seriously here.

      • Evergrande can have so many models ... without a workshop network, spare parts supply and contractual partners, they won't make it in Europe!
        Even Borgward didn't make it, although the brand name is a tradition here! But Hengchi? nobody will buy here! Evergrande won't have a miracle battery either. What about crash safety etc….

  • With the picture shown, one could infer a brand identity - the design of the individual types is very similar, at least in the front area. It seems more consistent to me than with Tesla models.

    If the technology is also top-notch, the whole thing could actually become something - if a hybrid model was even offered that would roll off the production line in Trollhättan as a SAAB, things would be perfect.

    • Yes and no. The front area corresponds to the current China mainstream and can be exchanged as required. But please. The technology may be crucial, so far Evergrande has kept the data very general.

      • Hello Tom ,

        How do I get stickers ,,,, which are only given to subscribers….

        • The question almost answers itself. By becoming a member of the Aero X Club.

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