Even Americans don't get everything - Saab 9-5 NG SC

America is said to have been the land of opportunity at some point. You got everything, provided you had the correct credit card. It has always been different with cars. Not every automobile dream is possible in the USA. Which doesn't really have anything to do with credit cards. The reason for this is the NHTSA, which watches over the highways and approvals. Exotic manufacturers have a hard time. Incidentally, Saab too.

Saab 9-5 NG SC. Not for Americans.
Saab 9-5 NG SC. Not for Americans.

The "Hotcars"Magazine published a list of 10 desirable vehicles that Americans are not indulging in. These include such great vehicles as the legendary Porsche 959 or the Alfa Romeo 8C Spider. In the case of the Porsche, the Stuttgart-based company is said to have failed to NHTSA to provide a vehicle for the crash test. But that didn't stop some fans from importing a 959 into the States.

Approval was not possible, the 959 from Microsoft founder Bil Gates is said to have been in a bonded warehouse for 13 years. Then came the “Show or display” law, which allows high-quality and historic motor vehicles to be moved in public spaces to a limited extent. The state is entitled to these vehicles annually for 2.500 miles (approx. 4.023 km) on public roads. After all. But: The process is complex and costly.

Gates was lucky with his Porsche 959. Again and again the authorities simply create facts and immediately dispose of vehicles that cannot be registered.

Alfa Romeo 8C Spider - did not exist for the Americans
Alfa Romeo 8C Spider - did not exist for the Americans

Saab on rank 4 of desires

Alfa Romeo had no interest in the US market with the 8C Spider. The edition was limited, global demand was great, who still needs the Americans? It looks a little different at Saab. The Saab 9-5 NG SC 2012 is in fourth place on the list of desires.

But no sports suit has been approved in the USA, although efforts have been made to do so. A 9-5 NG SC from the pre-series was in Lafrentz for years Kiel stationed. The Saab station wagon should actually follow its owner, a big fan of the brand, to the USA. Various considerations on how to dismantle the car and introduce it into individual parts were considered and then rejected.

The legal situation was clear, and when American customs at the same time chased a load of new Land Rover Defender V8s through the scrap press as not being approved, all efforts were stopped. It is unclear whether they were Edition vehicles. In any case, the automobile heart bleeds just thinking about it.

The Saab then stayed in Kiel for some time. Its owner kept flying in for a few days and a few kilometers. It can be tough when you want something, but the state says a clear no.

Why is it? For the 9-5 NG SC, which only made it into pre-series production, there is no acceptance for the US market. Saab struggled with other issues in 2011 and activities were kept to a minimum. It is a miracle that the 9-5 SC pilot series got on the bike in Sweden.

Had the brand survived this tragic phase, the 2013 model year would have been eligible in the United States. But that’s the case with American dreams. Without the chance of realization and a happy ending.

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    Great cover picture!
    Yet again! 🙂

    That's from the performance in Dresden, isn't it? Opposite was the 9.4x.
    The whole thing was organized by the SAAB Center Dresden, so that the two Saab were allowed to stand in front of the castle for a weekend.

    Unfortunately everything is just history!

    • blank

      Yes, Dresden. But some legend is there 10 years later. It was organized by Saab Germany, the cars only stood at the castle for 10 minutes and were only in Dresden for one afternoon.

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    A man & his Saab

    Sad story, this involuntary breakup. The US-American (ex-) owner is apparently an enthusiast through & through ...

    The car was introduced here, if I remember correctly? And it was more modestly equipped and motorized, wasn't it? And yet loved so dearly. Just a Saab - a rare NG SC at that ...

    Really sad this breakup.

  • blank

    Fortunately, none of the irreplaceable 9-5 NG SC were sealed off by the Americans 🙂

  • blank

    ... .. the owner will probably go down in history as the craziest American who has to fly to Europe to drive a SAAB. Or has he now sold the 9-5NG SC?

    • blank

      I am not very timely on this question. In any case, the separation had been initiated for a long time, the effort was simply too high. Unfortunately, I don't know where and whether the Saab was sold.

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