The Rhön is calling - 3rd Saab exit Rhön 2021

Dear Saab friends! Also this year there will be the Saab exit Rhön, on Saturday, September 18, 2021. After driving the steep stretches of the Rhön in the past two years, we want to take it a little more leisurely this time and the Explore the area of ​​the Vorder-Rhön.

Saab 9-3 in the Rhön
Saab 9-3 in the Rhön

The meeting point will be in Bad Kissingen. It goes through the Saale valley via Hammelburg to Morlesau, where we will have lunch together. Then the route takes us through the Schondratal up towards the Rhön to Dreistelz, where the tour will end with coffee and cake. From there it is only a few minutes drive to the A7 junction Bad Brückenau-Wildflecken.

If you can plan it, please make a note of the date. Please register at

The exact information will be distributed to the participants about 4-5 weeks.

Kind regards

Thomas Zecher

6 thoughts on "The Rhön is calling - 3rd Saab exit Rhön 2021"

  • But please enter Poppenhausen (Wasserkuppe) in the navigation system so that you don't end up in Poppenhausen near Schweinfurt ...

  • Sounds great.
    And the photo from the gas station is gold dust.
    One immediately wonders where exactly the Rhön actually lies in space and time? A haunted place?

    This exit can only be good.

    • Here and there ... go ahead, Herbert. The minutes that you usually invest in writing are perfectly used out there for vacuuming - and if you want, you can drive your 9-5 station wagon to Poppenhausen and stand there yourself in front of the Avia tap 😉

      • Well said. Unfortunately, including the return trip, it is around 1.000 km for me ...

        The limit I set for day trips is around half that. But maybe the Rhön is also worth 2 or 3 days? But then there are a lot of minutes ...

        • I read too many But - do SAAB drivers live more consciously than I thought? 😉
          (or also: the world takes place out there - not in theories in front of the screen)

          • Well said again. Was that another “but” too many? 😉

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