A Saab prototype in the media summer slump

A Saab prototype wanders through the summer slump in the media, which seems to be particularly pronounced this year. An electric car the likes of which they never got on the wheels in Trollhättan. Saab 9e is the name. Has anyone heard of this type designation? The current Saab press review. About things that seem spectacular. But lose their shine when you look.

Saab press review

Saab 9e!

The Saab 9e was at the forefront of this week's Google Alert. There was talk of a unique Saab electric car. A unique piece, of course, and a hatchback that is at home in New York. Too good to be true, right? Unfortunately, the sensation did not materialize. The Saab 9e turned out to be a simple Chevrolet Bolt, on which a joker who is a Saab lover had attached Saab emblems.

For Jalopnik the fake Chevrolet was worth a headline that probably got a lot of clicks. The disappointment of the readers may have been factored in. The pictures of the Saab 9e were taken in a cemetery. The supposedly unique Saab, positioned between tombstones. Kind of symbolic.

The Holy Grail

Things went much better this week for Wall Street Journal. That reported about the holy grail of Saab fans. Whatever that is, it's a matter of interpretation. Some consider the 9-5 NG to be the Grail, as it is the last Saab. Others see it in the 900, which is GM free, or in the 9000, which is simply awesome. But in turn 900 drivers may not love it, because evil Fiat Influence is suspected behind it.

So it's not an easy matter. For Marc Vernon, the matter is clear. His Saab 96 anniversary is the holy grail for him. He got the last edition of the 96, very appetizingly presented, from Sweden. It took 14 months for the Saab to arrive in the USA. A story with a heart, about a beautiful car.

Johann Heuschmid

At the end of the press review, a look at Germany. Johann Heuschmid, a veteran of the scene, gives in the Auto Classic 4/21 an interview. Heuschmid polarized in the scene. Some swear by his workshop, others openly reject him. Regardless of whether you are a fan or not. The company from the Allgäu is indispensable for the brand. The supply of beautiful vehicles is legendary, and there is great commitment.

Johann Heuschmid has excellent contacts with Trollhättan and the Saab veterans. He always brings good cars from Sweden to Germany. In an interview with Auto Classic, he talks about rising prices for used Saab and a scene that is noticeably younger. Rating: worth reading!

11 thoughts on "A Saab prototype in the media summer slump"

  • The Bolt is a GM box that lacks any Saab elegance. The aero badges don't help at all 🙂

  • Where we are with the Americans. How is the Saab community actually set up there?

    • Quite active, at least the “hard” core. But everyday Saab are disappearing extremely quickly in the States.

  • Exactly, I can still remember the e convertible. There was even a video of. I mean?!
    The prankster is funny, whether it's Bolt or Trail Blazer, :-), both fake!
    Heuschmid is known, you can see the passion behind it. Whereby the price tags on the cars are not bad. But I can't judge the price-performance ratio because I've never seen one of his cars live. But I'll definitely read the article, thanks for the hint.

    • @Gosh; The Saab at Heuschmid are top, in everything, also in price.
      A visit there is definitely worth it, be it just to see the sheer number of Saab and to listen to the one or other anecdote by Johann.

  • After all, there was a prototype of a 9-3 II E-Cabrio (?) - long before the E-hype, which solves all climate problems alone, was launched in (Western) Europe. Does that still exist? Maybe with the trollis in the museum?

    • I'm afraid the convertible didn't make it into the museum. It was not listed in the inventory, but it may well be parked in between in one of the external halls on the NEVS site.

  • blank

    Nice report. Just read.

  • blank

    After all: There are Saab reports in the press again. Ten years later, that is quite astonishing.

  • Whatever is written about Saab, the white convertible is definitely a stunner, that stays and that counts!

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