Saab Cars Magazine # 6 is here!

New Saab reading is on the market, with exciting topics. Saab Cars Magazine # 6 builds on the quality of the previous editions and brings topics that are worth reading. The selection goes right through the history of the brand, and even the biggest fans can still learn something. Or how else should you find out that the Catherina von Sixten Sason is really a Catharina? In Saab literature and here too, the name is usually misspelled. The background can be found in the new issue.

Saab Cars Magazine # 6
Saab Cars Magazine # 6

Single piece Saab 9-5X

The story about the Saab 9-5X plays a little more in the present. A Saab that unfortunately never existed from the Stallbacka, but could have been. Maybe if Saab had more time. The Saab 9-5X was built by Oskar Persson, who wrote the creation of the car in 2015 on the blog told. Now the one-off is also being recognized in Saab Cars Magazine.

German Saab fans already know one of the many topics. The Saab 98 In April, the Autobild Klassik was worth a long report. At its core, the very successful story was an international cooperation between Klassiker Verlag, which also publishes Saab Cars Magazine, and Autobild Klassik. For once, German fans were a bit ahead of Swedes, which is rare.

A lot about the Saab 900

Other content revolves around the classic Saab 900, which this time takes up a lot of space, Per Eklund and the Pikes Peak, and the question of whether Saab parts always have to come from the aircraft. The answer might be surprising. Even in the early days of the brand, people in Sweden reached out to shelves that would not be associated with Saab. Trucks instead of aircraft ended up with parts for the Saab 92B.

As with the previous booklets, Swedish language skills are a prerequisite for enjoying Saab Cars Magazine. At least a rudimentary version of them should be available, the rest can be done the old-fashioned way with the dictionary or with a digital translation aid. The pictures and themes are unique and a handle in the Saab treasure chest. A recommendation for every fan of the brand and lover of precious automobiles. Ordered can be obtained online directly from the publisher.