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By boat through Sweden, dream trip Götakanal. 600 kilometers through the country, with the historic steamer from Gothenburg to Stockholm. Saab naturally plays a role, because Göta Älv and the Saab city of Trollhättan are closely linked. A film for the Saab soul that awakens the longing for Sweden. Tonight on NDR.

The Juno passes the drawbridge in Trollhättan
The Juno passes the drawbridge in Trollhättan

Their names are Juno and Diana. The Juno was launched for the first time in 1874, the Diana only in 1931. Both ships operate the route in the summer months Gothenburg - Stockholm. A fascinating, historical journey across the Götaland Canal and the Great Lakes to the Swedish capital.

 Trollhättan. Locks and Saab.

Worth seeing if you love old technology and Swedish landscapes. Of course, the trip leads through Trollhättan, the Saab city. The Juno has to overcome 32 vertical meters and 4 lock chambers. An impressive monument to Swedish engineering, but not only. Workers blew the locks in the rock, quite a few were injured in the hard work or paid with their lives.

Another bridge in Trollhättan. This time a lifting bridge.
Another bridge in Trollhättan. This time a lifting bridge.

An obligatory detour leads down from the ship to the canal, where the weekly Saab meeting point is. Saab veterans tell of the old days when cars were still built in the city. If you take a closer look, you will discover familiar faces from the German Saab scene. There is something to see, a gentle dose of Saab and beautiful vehicles.

Evening mood in Trollhättan on the Göta Canal
Evening mood in Trollhättan on the Göta Canal

Then the voyage continues north, the Juno arrives in the Vänern. The rest of the film is just as recommendable as the sequence in Trollhättan. The water route through Sweden is fascinating, and sometimes also challenging. The Juno invites you to think, which by today's standards offers little comfort and only limited space. But the old ship enchants with style and charm. You rediscover slowness and serenity. And notes that traveling with a full time account, the careful experience of events, is the real luxury.

Involuntarily you wonder whether everything really has to be faster, bigger and more of everything?

The dream trip is one in the best sense of the word. It offers an insight into the landscape, history and the soul of Sweden. Tonight at 20.15:XNUMX p.m. NDR.

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  • Wonderful documentation! Very well and interestingly prepared with many small episodes.
    Absolutely worth seeing!

  • blank

    Very good tip

    Today was the perfect program for me (tiredness after the vaccination). Absolutely worth seeing and incredibly multi-faceted, full of beautiful pictures and many little stories from board but also to the right and left of the route. This is far more than “just” a successful document of the small but fine trip itself. If you haven't seen it, you should call up this Swedish summer dream in the media library.

    Thanks Tom.

  • blank

    Thank you.
    Seen. For those who didn't make it: media library.
    Thank you Tom and thank you N3 !!!
    Greeting André

    • blank

      Thanks for the hint. I will look at it. I spotted my blue 9.3 on the photo from the canal. That was in 2013 for the Saab meeting. Nice picture. Many Thanks.

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