Min riktiga bil är en Saab - last chance!

Time is running out and our campaign for the second quarter is coming to an end. There is still the possibility to secure our “Min riktiga bil är en Saab” stickers. The promotion ends on June 30th and the stickers are history. All colors can still be ordered and, as always, the stickers are free for members of the Aero X Club.

Min riktiga bil ars Saab

In the last few weeks we have distributed the stickers with the Swedish flag and the Swedish slogan across Europe. Demand was high and there was more than just one edition. That's great, because flying the flag is exactly what the brand needs. For those who haven't yet ordered or are still not a member of the Aero X Club, the countdown is on.

After the action is before the action

A compact outlook for the 3rd quarter: July will be a little quieter. I use the short break to finally get the shop system and the High Mileage Club going. It will be exciting in August and September. The follow-up campaign from “Min riktiga bil är en Saab” goes online and is very Swedish again.

And there is the follow-up to ours Saab espresso cups. The classic cups were a great success, a tribute to the brand. We leave the traditional paths in September and become modern and daring. The follow-up action combines two different materials in a way that one would hardly expect. It becomes extremely car-loving.

The edition of the next campaign will again be strictly limited. It is made exclusively for members of the Aero X clubs Produced climate-neutrally in Europe and in no way inferior to the espresso cups promotion.

A teaser that is wide and black will soon be available here. Curious; excited?

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  • Can you order without a subscription?

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    Just ordered yesterday! I am really looking forward to further promotions! Sounds very, very good.

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