A legendary car brand that unfortunately no longer exists

It's been almost 10 years since the gates closed forever at Saab. The brand is missed. The regrets about their disappearance are international. It stretches from North America to Russia, where there is amazing agreement when it comes to naming the culprit. GM, who else, put Saab in the coffin. Welcome to the weekly press review.

Original Saab 1947
Original Saab 1947

The real reasons why Saab no longer exists

Hotcars seems to have discovered Saab for itself. Over the past few months, people have written about the cult brand again and again, and the one that is currently busy Editors with the question of why Saab no longer exists. The answer seems simple. Because the Swedes were stubborn and always cooked their own dish based on GM guidelines. Of course, also because they developed their own navigation systems for some money, but the bill was at GM's expense.

In short, it can be said that it was the cultural peculiarities. GM never understood Saab, the Swedes ignored what the Americans wanted. For Saab, the focus was on the safety of the vehicles, for Detroit on profit. How else could you have come up with ideas like the Saab 9-2x and 9-7x?

Soaring bird. Facts about Saab.

There are a lot of Saab fans in Russia. Who unfortunately can no longer read the blog, or only to a limited extent. The Russians with an affinity for Saab are allowed to send their thanks to the Kremlin. Abundant attacks and many spammers have made the firewall in the direction of Russia tight. At some point the games will be enough.

Auto.ru looked at little-known facts about Saab. The Article is freely readable, the Google translator brings a reasonable result. The editing begins with the early days of the brand and the amazing roots. It is very true that Saab only ever earned the money in armaments and continues to do so to this day.

Smaller anecdotes from the history of the brand make the material worth reading. They agree with Hotcars on who ruined Saab. GM is the evil villain who turned a proud premium brand into a sick man. Last but not least, they wanted to prevent supposedly valuable knowledge from falling into the hands of the Chinese. Detroit and prevented a sale to China. This closed the coffin lid for good.

139 unique Saab.

In Sweden, too, the Saab issue is slowly boiling up again. One can assume that it will be sizzling hot at the end of the year. Dagens Industri pays tribute to the Saab Museum and its 139 exhibits and commemorates the rescue by the municipal sponsors and the Wallenberg family.

The Post is not freely accessible, but its content is the museum as the linchpin of the Saab scene and the keeper of the unique Saab history.

2 thoughts on "A legendary car brand that unfortunately no longer exists"

  • blank

    Above all, GM damaged the brand with the permanent loss of writing, which created a negative image. Who likes to drive a car brand that is not successful? Incidentally, it was similar at Opel. Furthermore, you did not manage to sell the Opels with SAAB technology, but SAAB was doubled in the perception of many. VW and Audi managed to do that much better.
    Trollhättan as a think tank with attached production where innovations come first would have had a positive effect on the whole group. Then wrong ways or 9-7 times would have been forgiven. Who still remembers Procon-Ten from Audi today? But the quarterly figures and tax optimization as well as the quality savings do not go down well with the customer.

  • blank

    Fast moving

    GM's fear of Saab know-how and GM licenses in the wrong hands only seems grotesque to me today ...

    The industry is changing and in a hurry. Legislators are conducting a pretty wild ride with their baton. In many countries, bio-fuel is consistently withheld from the youngest and perhaps the last burners, so that there is no doubt that they must not be part of the solution.
    In addition, partial packages of autonomous driving as a prerequisite for approval and emission standards that are torn from every Advent wreath on the 1st of Advent ...

    Long story short, I find it completely paranoid of GM not to have allowed us another investor and not a 9-5 NG SC.

    I really appreciate the many small and fine Saab innovations, but this brand has never been a threat to full-blown automotive groups. Well, as I said, completely paranoid ...

    True to the motto, "Just because I'm paranoid, does not mean there is no one after me ..."

    I hope GM is a little embarrassed about itself.


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