New for collectors - Saab 900 Turbo - traffic yellow

Model maker Wiking is relaunching the Saab 900 Turbo. It comes in a small 1:87 scale and is therefore especially a case for model railroad friends or fans of dioramas. The Wiking Gradschnautzer Turbo has been around for 40 years. The same shape can be found with different colors, very old Saab 900 from Wiking have long since become rarities.

New: Saab 900 Turbo from Wiking
New: Saab 900 Turbo from Wiking

The color “traffic yellow” looks very good on the Saab, it is somewhat reminiscent of Saab's legendary Monte Carlo yellow. With the small miniature, Wiking attached great importance to details. Unlike the originals from the 1980s, the headlights are now silver, the indicators are printed and the window frames and door handles are in a contrasting color.

Original form of Wiking from the 1980s
Original form of Wiking from the 1980s

You can even find the Turbo lettering on the tailgate. The rear lights are painted red, something that model car fans dreamed of 40 years ago. What more can you expect on a 1:87 scale? So much love for the little details has its price, of course.

Wiking you can pay well for the new Saab 900 Turbo (EAN 4006190215015). € 15,99 is the official list price, as there used to be much smaller amounts on the packaging. The model car can be found a little cheaper at the relevant portals on the Internet.

5 thoughts on "New for collectors - Saab 900 Turbo - traffic yellow"

  • This traffic yellow seems to be more of a taxi-gul (taxi-yellow corresponds to body-186), a color that could indeed be ordered to order and was on offer on the UK market for the 99er for a while.

    What a shame the standard model car rims in FUCHS design. The first version of Wiking had at least stylish rims in TRX design.

  • Oh, how nice.
    Back then, as an active collector, I traced the details like turn signals and lights myself. But of course it looks better that way directly from the manufacturer.
    My Wiking 900s have now ended up in a watch ...

  • I have an old one in wine red 🙂

  • Small anecdote in 1:87

    Had a little detailed, 2-seater and streamlined convertible from Wiking as a kid. Because the look was about the same, for me it was without a doubt a Saab convertible based on the 93 or 96. Yes, what else?

    I was really outraged when my father laughed and claimed that there wasn't such a Saab and that my model was a Jaguar. That was a really bitter pill for me back then ...

  • If you go to the trouble, you could also have colored the front parking lights / marker lights silver ...
    Yeah, I know, whining is at a high level.

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