Today is the really last opportunity!

An exciting first half of the year lies behind the blog project. The Espresso cups The campaign was a success and so was the campaign for the “Min riktiga bil är en Saab” stickers that is now ending. Today is the really last chance to get these stickers, tomorrow the promotion is over. The basis for receiving the Saab sticker is one Membership in our Aero X Club.

Last chance to get our stickers
Last chance to get our stickers

While one campaign ends in a few hours, the next one is already in the starting blocks. Yesterday we received the prototypes for future campaigns. Which enthused our team and which we unfortunately cannot show yet. Although we would really like to do it! One detail: As is well known, prototypes stands for the plural of prototype. The readers will surely notice that more than just a crazy Saab idea is becoming a reality.

Of course there will also be a new sticker campaign, which will not be an infusion of an already existing campaign. Plus, the famous trolls will be back in the next quarter. After many people repeatedly asked for non-transparent Saab Troll stickers, we have reissued the classic in both versions. With the start of our shop, the trolls will also go online again.

Because what is a Saab without its troll?

The trolls are coming back!
The trolls are coming back!

A teaser can already be seen today. The question arises again and again, why are we doing this? Very easily. Because we enjoy it and because we only realize the projects that we really like. If the readers see it that way too, then both sides will be happy.

And that's what ultimately counts in the most beautiful hobby in the world.

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    I have received my stickers, thank you very much! Since I am returning my German-made company car at the end of July, I currently don't have a car that matches the sticker! I'm still happy about it. Perhaps my wife will agree to put the sticker on her future horse trailer wagon: it will be an XC 90 from the first series. So it fits quite well.
    I am as happy as a little child about the advance notice of further great promotions! Thanks Tom and team - really strong! I am very grateful for "our blog".

  • Yay! My requests were answered - finally I can stick a troll on the outside! My upgrade is coming! 🙂 Thank you very much!

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