Tie rods - recall for the Saab 9-4x

General Motors and the NHTSA are calling all Saab 9-4x from model years 2011 and 12 as well as Cadillac SRX from model years 2010 to 16 back to the workshops. The recall with campaign number 21V473000 was published on June 21. It relates to possible problems with the chassis and should definitely be noticed.

Saab 9-4x callback
Saab 9-4x callback

The affected Cadillac and Saab vehicles are equipped with adjustable tie rods that may not have been properly tightened during assembly at the factory. The tie rods can therefore loosen or come loose. Indicators for this are a change in driving behavior and a lighting up of the fault lamp on the display panel.

GM advises customers to take this information seriously and to visit the workshops. The previous tie rods will be replaced with newly designed parts free of charge in the USA. The new tie rods are no longer adjustable, so this problem can no longer occur in the future.

Worldwide are loud NHTSA 380.498 vehicles affected by the recall.

The Saab 9-4x situation in Germany

Since GM's withdrawal, there has been no organization in Germany that takes care of these things. The Saab 9-4x was also never officially sold in Germany. The first vehicles came to customers only after the end of Saab.

Here the Saab base in Kiel is the contact point for the rare Saab 9-4x. The Car dealership Lafrentz responded early on and organized parts in collaboration with GM and Orio North America. Vehicles that are regularly serviced in Kiel have already been fitted with the new tie rods in the course of regular service work.

Last Friday, the proportion of converted vehicles was already 40%. Owners of vehicles that have not yet been converted who are service customers in Kiel will be contacted in the course of August and informed of the recall.

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    What would have happened without the blog and Lafrenz ?! Probably nothing. And the drivers of a 9-4X would have looked into the tube. It's good that the blog is here and Lafrenz

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    Addendum: It's good that Saabs are still being taken seriously.

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