Saab 9000 - a shock to the establishment

The Saab brand is said to be dead. One says. But it is amazing how much Saab is still present in the media around the globe. This week, the Saab 9000 is the focus of interest, not exclusively. Its production ended almost a quarter of a century ago, but it is still moving. Other topics are the 9-4x and 99. Welcome to today's Saab press review!

In focus: the Saab 9000

Saab 9000 - the shock for the establishment

It is always advisable to read pages beyond the blog. Also because there Saab enthusiasm can be discovered from other sources. Hotcars has been working on the Saab brand for some time. Now it was the turn of the 9000 and its role in automotive history. This was a special car. With its debut, it was a shock for the established manufacturers who would never have thought Saab could have this car. And one of the few vehicles that rolled off the production line in the Stallbacka that was profitable for the company.

The description of the special features of the 9000 from the US point of view does not stop at the end of production. It is worth mentioning that the 9000 appeared on the list of particularly safe vehicles at the Folksam insurance company in 2017. After all, the Saab had been out of production for almost 20 years at this point.

With all the Saab euphoria, of course, small mistakes creep in. Hotcars would be forgiven for the fact that the 9000 never had active headrests. They were only found in the Saab 9-5.

Saab 9000 CSE. Still good.
Saab 9000 CSE. Still good.

Saab 9000 - how is it doing?

Let's stay with the Saab 9000. He has his fans and Autobild likes him too. Online is now a youngtimer test too read. It's not brand new, but it sums up the market situation quite well. A 9000 is never really expensive, even if prices have been rising slowly for years. Maybe money isn't the real problem either. It is much more difficult to find a good specimen than it is to pay for it.

But whether the 2,3 liter naturally aspirated engine is the best engine for the 9000 remains to be seen. Because the turbo engines offer a plus in driving fun and can be moved so sparingly that the vacuum cleaner loses its arguments. But, these are subjective things that everyone should try out for themselves.

Saab 99 - in the beginning with Triumph engines
Saab 99 - in the beginning with Triumph engines

Saab again at Springer Verlag

Another medium from Springer Verlag deals a little more with Saab. The upcoming Autobild Klassik will be about the liaison between Saab and Triumph. An exciting topic that is hardly present any more. The Swedes initially installed English engines in the Saab 99. However, this caused problems, and Trollhättan was not satisfied with this solution.

As a result, the future of car production at Saab was at times on the brink. Then the decision was made to set up their own engine plant and invest heavily. The 08/2021 issue will be published on July 15.07th. and is supposed to deal with this topic.

Saab 9-4x
Saab 9-4x

How many Saab 9-4x were built?

With the current Recall the Saab 9-4x also found its way back into the media. There was something, an exotic one with the Saab logo and a dramatic story. But how many vehicles were actually built in Mexico? Carscoops taps on 136 copies, and is therefore too low. In fact, the sources are difficult and the figures for the 9-4x are not completely secure.

What is certain is that 673 vehicles rolled off the production lines in Mexico. In addition, there are 130 pre-series vehicles, which were used by GM, Opel and Saab, among others, and which contain a certain degree of uncertainty.

More than 800 copies are therefore considered to be secured, the provides detailed information 9-4x production report.

6 thoughts on "Saab 9000 - a shock to the establishment"

  • Shock & sigh of relief

    For me, the 9K is still the Saab, which made the strongest performance of all Saabs compared to its contemporary competition - the establishment.

    CS, CSE & AERO could easily have been built and sold for years after the appearance of 9-5 & 9-5 SC. The establishment breathed a sigh of relief when he was hired.
    The practical and elegant hatchback defied common standards and comparisons, and for that reason alone was difficult to beat.

    • So it was probably also intended to keep the 9000 running until at least 2000. The 9-5 was not its complete and actual successor.

  • I'm still in a bad mood that I didn't keep my 9000 CSE Anniversary back then.
    That was one of the best Saabs that I have driven and now I am very sorry that this great vehicle cannot drive in my small Saab collection.

  • We (my wife, a French woman, and I) come to Le Havre (Normandy) in the summer of 1971 and park our recently purchased new red 2-door Saab 99 in the garden of her parents' house, really proud of our first Saab (previously 2 VW and a VW square back taken to USA in 1965) - and instead of receiving an enthusiastic compliment from our neighbor there (car fan), he only commented laconically and somewhat condescendingly: yes, what's that, it's a Saab, but yes only one engine from Triumph ... so only half a Saab, he said ...
    In the first 60 km we had three cylinder head gasket problems, which were then definitely resolved. When we replaced this car with 000 km with a newer 100-door Saab model, our neighbor bought our old red one and replaced his 000 with it - but a few months later he had a gearbox total loss on our former red 4. Just a little story that comes up again after reading the above…. But we have always remained loyal to the Saab brand until today.

  • ... I was only allowed to drive with my son again last week, still a very good motor vehicle!

  • I still like the 9000. He is very special!

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