New from PCX87 - Saab 900 Cabriolet 1986

Supplies are rolling in for fans of the small 1:87 scale. The Saab 900 Cabriolet from 1986 is now available in well-stocked specialist shops. The great thing about it: The open Saab is available in three colors. This is how to make the model train or the showcase a little more colorful and saabier. So it works in terms of Saab with the miniatures.

Saab 900 1:87 1986

The Saab Cabriolet is one of the vehicles without whose existence the lights in Trollhättan would have gone out much earlier. Brought through against management concerns, it was launched in 1986 in small numbers. Still with the old, steep front and in 1986 with long delivery times. The early specimens, which were mostly sold in North America, are now sought-after collector's items.

The Brekina sub-brand PCX87 now offers the 900 Cabriolet in three colors. Choose from dark red, black and silver. The silver miniature has a black interior, but the other models come to buyers with a beige color. Small details such as the legendary Saab Turbo lettering and contrasting turn signals make the small convertibles want to go.

A yellow version in the Monte Carlo style is also in preparation at Brekina. It will have different rims and even more detailed equipment. The new products from PCX87 are available on the web and in specialist shops. Per model you have to put something under 20,00 € on the table, some providers offer discounts of 10% and more.

With images from PCX87

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