The glory days - our new Saab promotions!

What comes after the espresso cups and the Saab stickers? The 3rd quarter will not be boring, two actions are ready to take off on the runway. We'll give it some real rubber once, we'll talk about the details in the next week. And we're delving deep into Saab history and giving the members of the Aero X Club another great accessory for their Saab. Because we bring the glory days back from the zone of oblivion.

Saab ideas for the third quarter
What comes after the Saab cups and stickers?

Saab ANA

The story of Saab ANA is a very Swedish one. In 1937 as AB Nyköpings Automobilfabrik from the Nordiska Company founded, behind it is an assembly plant for various brands. ANA has assembled Chrysler, Plymouth, Skoda, Fargo, Standard and Simca automobiles for the Swedish market over the years. The company also traded in Piper Aircraft and sold Massey-Ferguson tractors.

In 1960 Saab AB took over ANA and renamed the company Saab ANA. Since then, Saab ANA has taken care of the sale of automobiles with the Griffin, becoming the largest Saab dealer in Sweden and the world. Service bases and sales outlets sprang up across the country. In addition, Saab ANA Specialbilar assembled special vehicles for the police, fire brigades and rescue services.

Saab thus controlled the home market for a certain time via its own sales channel. Something that Volvo is aiming for again today with the purchase of dealerships for the Swedish market. The value chain was ended with the takeover of Saab by GM, and the companies separated again. ANA went its own way, first with Saab, then with BMW. Today parts of the company are owned by the Bilia Group, and where you could buy a Saab in Trollhättan, new BMWs and Minis are now waiting for customers.

The glory days

Admittedly, not much reminds us of the glory days of yore. ANA is part of the Saab saga, on the net you can only find one page as Tribute to the past. At Swedish Saab meetings, you might discover ANA stickers on the rear windows of classic vehicles. That was it.

It's time to bring history back from the zone of oblivion!

We bring back the glory years. A little.
We bring back the glory years. A little.

Something old Sweden, something of the glorious old days, we're going to revive. An old, yellowed rear window sticker of unspecified date provides the template.

“En bil från SAAB-ANA” (a Saab ANA car) was popular in the 60s or 70s and stuck to the rear window of almost every new Saab car in Sweden. Based on the original, we conjure up a new edition for readers. Not completely in line with the original, which was just too yellowed and marked by time to take over 1: 1.

Saab ANA is part of Saab history
Saab ANA is part of Saab history

I am showing two (of many) designs from the Saab ANA Revival here today. The final version of the stickers for the rear window will go online in August and can then be ordered exclusively and free of charge by members of the Aero X (and the old Turbo Plus subscriptions).

That leaves the other campaign that will go online in September ... the one with the “really rubber band”. Better not to think about it. Because there is a high probability that you will not come up with the solution, you will rack your brains for nothing. It would be better to wait until next week and look forward to a very special teaser.

9 thoughts on "The glory days - our new Saab promotions!"

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    Cool again. Comes on my new 900 Turbo 16 S 🙂

  • blank

    Retro charm

    Please, please with the old SAAB lettering above the Saab 18. Then relatively large and on a clear background.

    I don't really like stickers on “new cars”, but below 9-4X and 9-5 NG I think this is just great ...

  • blank

    As a sticker fan I say: another great idea! 🙂
    In anticipation…
    Colour? Gray on a white background, right? Elegant…
    Or rather the courage to use more color?

    • blank

      Probably the final version will not have the courage to color, we stick to the original.

  • blank

    The crazy Saab actions. I would miss them if they no longer existed. I'm glad!

  • blank

    Very nice sticker ....
    Thank you
    Greeting André

    • blank

      Well, pickerl hamma enough now ... and the joke of this action, in contrast to the last one, does not fully reveal itself to me. Suggestion for goodness: key ring, also against the insertion of small coins.

      • blank

        Can you have enough Saab badges? Seriously: I can still see some air for a classic.

        Keyring: Has been a topic for us for a long time. However, it is not that trivial to solve, because the production usually takes place (super cheap) in Asia. I refuse, we already send enough around the globe, we don't have to do that for our hobby. However, we have now found a supplier who has a certain history with Swedish brands and who produces in Germany. So it's our turn.

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    Wow! I'm hot for it! Great anticipation !!

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