Hella and Evergrande Auto develop together

Evergrande Auto relies on German partners and develops high-voltage battery management systems together with Hella. To consolidate the partnership, Evergrande and Hella founded a joint venture called Hella Evergrande Electronics (Shenzhen) Co. last year. The company employs around 90 people. By the end of 2023, the number is to be increased to around 200 employees.

Hella Lichtkanal in Lippstadt
Hella Lichtkanal in Lippstadt

High-voltage battery management systems from Hella

Hella is one of the large and traditional suppliers in the automotive sector. The company has also been a longtime partner of Saab. Hella lighting systems and components can be found in many Saab classics and also in the last vehicles from Trollhättan.

Effective battery management is one of the decisive factors for the service life of a battery and the range of an electric car. The partnership with Hella is therefore of great importance to Evergrande. Hella publishes the following about the collaboration Statement:

In the context of the cooperation, Evergrande brings in particular its extensive expertise in the field of battery production and application know-how. HELLA, on the other hand, primarily contributes its many years of experience in the field of battery electronics and system integration.

HELLA has been active in the field of battery management systems since 2016. In the spring of this year, the latest generation of high-voltage battery management systems went into series production for a German premium manufacturer. High-voltage battery management systems are characterized by the fact that they ensure the safe and reliable function of lithium-ion batteries in electric as well as full and plug-in hybrid vehicles by measuring the voltage, temperature and current of the battery, among other things.

Together, both partners want to contribute their strengths in the areas of technology, know-how and financial resources in order to develop high-quality battery management systems together and at high speed.

"China is an essential key market for us in order to further expand our activities in the field of battery electronics and to proactively shape the topic of electromobility," says Björn Twiehaus, who is responsible for the electronics area in the HELLA management. "Through the partnership with Evergrande, we are also strengthening our market access in China and further expanding our leading technology position."

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    Hella has a lot of potential to offer.
    It's great that we still have such good medium-sized companies in Germany.
    The first LED headlights for GM, assistant systems for the Mazda CX-5 ... all developed by Hella in Lippstadt. And accelerator pedals are produced in Recklinghausen.
    Evergrande made a good decision.
    Hella produces or develops something for almost every car manufacturer.

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    ... after all, more like hot air. Well, let's see how the Hengchi are accepted in China and how they perform in the practical test.

    When was the start of production actually planned?

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      In theory for the end of the year. But there are imponderables.

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