Saab and Triumph - and a completely new perspective

A story is usually particularly exciting when it is told from different perspectives. Readers of the new Autobild Klassik have the chance to view a section of the Saab saga from a position that is unfamiliar to us. Their topic is Saab and Triumph. The story is not told from a Swedish point of view.

Saab and Triumph in the Autobild Klassik
Saab and Triumph in the Autobild Klassik

Separated after birth

It is widely known that the Saab 99 had an English engine heart first. The story in the new Autobild Klassik by Greg MacLeman is told in an exciting way from an unfamiliar perspective. Martin Puthz from the Hamburg editorial team took care of fine-tuning the German version. MacLeman, he's currently restoring one Triumph 2500TC from 1974, writes for the Classic & Sports Car, the (surely) greatest classic magazine from Insel. The article appeared there as early as 2019.

It's about the roots that Saab 99 Turbo and the Triumph Dolomite Sprint share. Based on an engine that Ricardo designed for both brands, its technology continued to develop. Both times the engineers were innovative, but the solutions were very different. In Sweden they relied on the turbo, in England on an engine with 16 valves.

The result was the 99 Turbo, the Dolomite Sprint, two exciting cars. The direct comparison of Triumph and Saab is what makes the 6 pages in the Autobild Klassik so attractive. After all, when do such rare vehicles from brands that no longer exist for direct comparison? The text reads pleasantly, brings completely new approaches and is not boring for a single line.

MacLeman transfers his narrative style to the Classic & Sports Car so strong, successful in the Autobild Klassik. The contribution is garnished with atmospheric images in a typical British setting Hambleton Hall were recorded.

Another small Saab bonus

Regardless of that, the Autobild classic Also worth reading in this issue. The choice of topics was successful, the seemingly inevitable part of Volkswagen coverage is pleasingly low. Instead of the popular VW Beetle monotony, many exciting exotic cars have their place. Hidden you can find two small Saab bonuses. On page 35 you can find out what Jason Castriota tackled immediately after the Saab bankruptcy.

And on page 102, a Saab Cabriolet from pre-owned is the topic. A nice offer, but the Saab is (unfortunately) already in new hands.

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