Black Saab 900 Turbo Cabriolet stolen in Hamburg

Once again, a classic Saab was stolen in Hamburg. The vehicle is not unknown on the blog. It was already in 2017 stolenn and found back to its owner with the help of Saab fans. The current theft took place on the night of July 16-17 at Thadenstrasse 158 in 22767 Hamburg between 19.45 and 8.02 a.m.

This Saab was stolen in Hamburg
This Saab was stolen in Hamburg

The theft was immediately reported to the Hamburg police (AZ 016 / 1K / 0432915/2021). According to an appraisal from 2019, the Saab Cabriolet is in exceptionally good condition. The body, technology and interior are well preserved. The appraiser gave the Saab a 2+ rating at the time.

The black cabriolet with its black hood should stand out in traffic. Maybe it is still in the Hamburg area, maybe it was parked a few streets away. The owner of the 900 asks for help and advice that can lead to clarification or replacement.

The editorial staff and the nearest police station will be happy to accept any information that may lead to the clarification of the case.

Characteristics of the missing Saab Cabriolet:

SAAB 900 16 V Turbo Convertible
First registration: 25.04.1989
Saab VIN: YS3AD75L3K7022730
Gearbox no. GM 456-10 / 798 050
Color: Black, Body Color 170B
Transmission: 5 gear
Seats: Buffalo gray leather, trim color E33
AHK, removable, type 324 013 691 101, manufacturer Westfalia-Werke, Wiedenbrück
Steering wheel: Nardi, wood

License number:

HH-FX 1234

Special Features:

Nardi wooden steering wheel

Aero rims, Continental tires

Maxi-Cosi child seat blue

4 thoughts on "Black Saab 900 Turbo Cabriolet stolen in Hamburg"

  • blank

    How are you doing despite the transmission lock? The Saab could only have been loaded by truck, right?

  • blank

    He's so beautiful
    that a criminal judge could come up with the idea of ​​mitigating circumstances. Of course not at all. I hope that the rightful owner and this unspoiled beauty will find each other again.

  • Such a shame!
    I live just around the corner and look out for the beautiful piece. Fortunately, my 9-3 Cabriolet can be parked in the garage.
    Good luck and I keep my fingers crossed!

  • blank

    Hui, twice already. This is really bad luck. I keep my fingers crossed for the owner that there will be another happy ending!

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