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    Dear Sir or Madam, I would be very grateful if you could please write me where I can buy these stickers?
    With kind regards,

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    Delicious! Playing Saab wakes up the child in the man, I can fully understand that. Keep it up 😉

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    I don't even want to comment.
    I write too much, too often, too fast.

    But the sticker just looks damn good and I also think it's subtle - says someone who has never had a single one on one of his Saabs on principle. But it's really, really good - so good that it arouses desires in me.

    I had to write that after all. Especially since I said "Thank you very much for the effort." annoys. This is how you reject applicants for university places, internships or jobs. Or losing bidders in tenders. But you don't write something like that to a volunteer ...

    Rejection phrases, however perfectly formed, do not work here at all, I think ...

    Anyone who does not want to take advantage of an offer on the blog (espresso cups, troll or other stickers) does not have to order. Nothing against the reference to the originality of hub caps or logos on hoods and tailgates. That is a valid opinion and understandable - especially since the Greif (Griffen Up!) Was even set to music and sung about, at a critical time ...

    No, the only thing that bothers me is the rejection phrase for the sticker - neither appreciative nor fair ...

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      Dear Volvaab Driver,
      I think you are taking the “empty phrase” completely wrong.
      Anyone reading my comments will find that I'm a huge fan of Tom's offers for us members. I just wanted to say thank you again for your tireless efforts.
      So by no means a “rejection phrase”.

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        I'm sorry I jumped on it. I just don't like the worn-out phrase that walks a fine line.
        In the context of polite criticism (though I prefer) it can easily have the taste of “wasted” effort.

        It's nice that it wasn't meant that way. Thanks for the clarification.

        PS According to the pictures, the sticker is only about the size of a fist. I wouldn't put it that high up either, but rather in the lower third
        a rear window symmetrically and centrally. I imagine the result to be a very subtle one. I think the historical reference to good days full of optimism and an automotive optimism at Saab is awesome.

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    I don't think I would trade any emblems. I like it original.
    I think the stickers are great, but I prefer a very subtle size.
    Thank you for the effort.

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