The Saab High Mileage Club is online!

One of the simple truths in life is that consuming less is better for the planet. To promote both fun with old cars and the idea of ​​sustainability, the Saab High Mileage Club is now online. Our club should motivate and take away the fear of high kilometers of stands. Because what is half a million kilometers if there was a lot more inside? About twice the distance?

Saab High Mileage Club - we start at 250.000!
Saab High Mileage Club - we start at 250.000!

1.000.000 kilometers with a Saab

In 2012, our neighbors in the Netherlands had the case of Sjef Kuijpers and his Saab 9-5 2.3T from 98. One Million kilometers the 9-5 had on the counter back then, a record. The high mileage was a result of careful handling of the material and the long-term quality that Saab delivered.

1 million kilometers - a long-term car!
1 million kilometers - a long-term car!

How many new cars had the 9-5 made superfluous in 14 years? Maybe there were 10 and the intensive use with the courage to at least 7-digit mileage can be considered an exemplary conservation of resources. In the past, the manufacturers gave plaques for anniversaries after driving many kilometers.

That was well before the time when a quick change and the trend towards always the newest product emerged. It was in an age when companies strived to deliver the best possible quality for their customers and their money. And customers used a product as long and carefully as possible, while month after month they set aside some money for a possible new purchase.

Today the trolls laugh maliciously in the background when you express these thoughts alone.

Saab 9-5 2.3T with 1 million kilometers
Saab 9-5 2.3T with 1 million kilometers

250.000 - 500.000 - 750.000 and a million

Our Saab High Mileage Club starts at 250.000 kilometers. That is roughly where a Södertälje Turbo can be considered good. It then continues with 500.000, 750.000 and one million kilometers. There is also the matching certificate for the high-quality Saab sticker in metal look for the car.

Saab stickers and matching certificates are of course free of charge, you just have to be a member of the Aero X Club (or have an old Turbo Plus subscription). The way to the stickers with the iconic airplane logo is easy. We need a photo of the car and speedometer, the VIN and of course the address of the owner.

The process is done digitally and online. The personal data will not be saved or published. They also only end up on our German server and are not passed on. Click here you can register and request sticker plus certificate.

High-quality stickers in metal optics with the iconic Saab plane
High-quality stickers in metal optics with the iconic Saab plane

But it will not be left alone

Mileage is one thing. Some do not care whether it is 500.000 or 600.000 on the counter, others cry inwardly at every milestone. There is of course the lover group who want to protect their Saab. Who does not want to see so many kilometers on the speedometer, only drives Saab when the weather is nice and on the friendly days of life.

That is also accepted, because everyone should have their joy as they please. For this reason, our Saab High Mileage Club will experience a gentle expansion.

Long hold times are also commendable

Because many of the readers have been loyal to their Saab for a long time, and that should also be rewarded. In the next expansion stage there will be stickers for long holding times. 5 years Saab, 10 years, or even more, that's also worth a badge to us. As a small, iconic motivation and to simply enjoy the Saab. Soon here!

13 thoughts on "The Saab High Mileage Club is online!"

  • The quality of SAAB was and is excellent ... of course the Greens and Co have not yet realized that the longevity of vehicles is also a "kind of environmental protection and sustainability" ... which makes me smile again and again ... Thinking is just a matter of luck 🙂
    My 9-3 II Kombi BJ 2005 - delivered to me with 25 km on the speedometer - is now approaching the 700k mark - I love this car - Thanks to the people who stood behind the vehicle and built it 🙂 And thanks to the blog

  • Well, there is a new sticker for my Saab. Has something, is a great idea and something very special! Thanks Tom!

    • I think I'll stick mine in the cockpit. Might look great.

  • Hey, jag är Reinhard, I drive a SAAB 9.5 Aero Combi built in 2000 and the odometer reads 430.000 km. The SAAB 9000 CSE will be 2022 years old at the beginning of 27 and has about 300.000 km on the clock. I have been driving SAAB for over 30 years and have a total of over 1,6 million km. I have managed to drive accident-free over 2 million km. SAAB is a very safe and reliable car. I do service and minor repairs myself. I have a specialist for the nitty-gritty.
    I wish everyone a good time and a good trip with SAAB.

  • The idea is good. But I wonder why only premium users are allowed to play?
    It would be cooler if all subscribers / club members could report their mileage and vehicle data. That would make a nice statistic.
    Premium users get the certificate and sticker for free, everyone else can reorder it for a certain amount.

    • The question of why is easy to answer. It is the experience from 10 years of blog and various campaigns. Aero X Club members pay a “flat rate” which includes everything for 1 year. You finance the blog - and get something in return. Fair for both sides. Working is easier for us. An invoice and booking does not have to be made for every small sticker, we save an immense amount of effort - with our very limited resources.

      If we were to open the actions, the effort would be higher. According to the pattern that readers order, not pay, or after the 3rd request, or spontaneously pretend to be completely dead. If we had everything in the last few years, we certainly don't need any more.

      I understand the desire and see the idealism behind it, but reality sometimes catches up with the blog project.

      • I can understand that from the experience. It's sad, nobody likes to do that to themselves. 🙁

        Maybe one of the affiliates is having fun sponsoring the High Mileage Clup? Skandix or Orio maybe? With an annual donation that covers the expected effort and also makes things easy for the blog team? Everyone would benefit from it.

        Saab High Mileage Club by Skandix - would have something 🙂

        Maybe I'm thinking too far again, don't want to annoy anyone.

  • Great thing. I think I can remember that Ford did something like this at the end of the 70s, when you had covered more than 100.000 kilometers with a Taunus or Granada.

    My annual mileage is around 15.000 kilometers. I take a quick look at the mileage and calculate… .. I'll be there in 2036 😀

  • Just great! I like to be there with currently 321.000 KM in the 9-5.

  • With a Low Mileage Club I could maybe keep up (9-5 V6 1999 with 86000km) with the High Milegae Club it won't work anymore for me, I drive 6-8000km a year, spread over four Saab. (and my high is at 145000km on the North Cape Lime Cabrio)

    I wish the High Flyers from the High Mileage Club a good trip!

  • Excellent! I especially like the idea of ​​“gentle expansion”. Then everyone comes to their pleasure!

  • Well then I'm looking forward to my 10- and 20-year-old badge, which I can pin on my seeders next year 🙂
    It still takes up to 250 thousand kilometers for both.

    • Hi all,
      we think the idea is absolutely great. Since we are the proud owners of 2 Saab, a 9-3 I BJ 12/97 and a 9-3 II sports suit Vector.
      My husband is proud that he has already exceeded 9 with his Saab 3-400.000 I.

      Melanie and Robert

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