Now are we really giving rubber? Saab riddle (Part 2)

Granted that first photo our new Saab riddle wasn't entirely fair. A close-up that may have lured one or the other reader on the wrong track. However: hats off to the commentators and their creativity! From the tire to the mouse pad and branding iron, everything was there. You have to come to that first - and once again the Saab fans demonstrated their wealth of ideas.

Saab riddle - now the solution is easy! Or?
Saab riddle - now the solution is easy! Or?

In order to promote the final resolution, I am showing a picture of the object I am looking for today, maybe it is only part of it, from a different perspective. Some assumptions should become invalid, and at the latest now it is very easy to solve the riddle.

Maybe not, because it could be that I continue to lead the fans on the wrong track. The solution to the riddle, with lots of pictures, will come in the course of the week. The promise still applies that the one who posts the resolution first will receive the ominous item from us as a gift.

Everyone else can order the previously unknown part from the beginning of September, with delivery then starting in the middle of the month. The only requirement is an existing membership in our Aero X Club or an (old) Turbo Plus subscription.

Another small note: the action has something to do with what Saab first used in rallying. Then in the fall of 1977 it was made available to the public and thus wrote its own saga. By now it should be child's play to find the answer.

Understood? I look forward to the solution!

9 thoughts on "Now are we really giving rubber? Saab riddle (Part 2)"

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    The non-slip base of the coffee cup. I was right with the macro shot, only it was the bottom and not the lid. Grin

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    how about a doorstop ??

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    Due to the fact that there was an online shop where you could buy reusable, warm ceramic cups with rubber lids at short notice and the lid looks almost exactly the same - just with the company's advertising imprint, it could be that too.
    At least the rubber lid looks almost the same when you compare it.

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    Hydraulic jack? (You can see the supporting surface of this.)

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    Stig Blomqvist

    I would now like to draw the joker and please be connected by phone. It must have something to do with the 99 and the turbo ...

    But how do you get that with pictures that are supposed to show a practical object that has a tire tread on it?

    Tires, turbo, air pressure? Is it a barometer?

    It could come in handy - even save lives. And far inside, the automotive design makes even more sense than a nautical ...

    It would have an astonishingly up-to-date relation. Who knows what that is. I'm really excited and still have no good idea ...

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    Oh god, I still don't know ...
    But I'll take one. Or two?
    Didn't Saab introduce the turbo in the Saab 1977 in 99?
    Are those pedal rubbers?
    Greeting André

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    I type on a reusable coffee or tea-to-go cup and its non-slip base.

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      Congratulation! That comes very close to the matter - you can't get much closer. The presentation will take place tomorrow and one package will be sent exclusively to Saxony every week!

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        Great, thank you very much 😀

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