The Saab municipality is a small village in the canton of St. Gallen

There are few Saab in the world and they are becoming increasingly rare. This is the case everywhere, following the laws of the market. Is that really it? No, a brave little village defends itself against the overwhelming power of the big brands and remains loyal to Saab. Anyone who has a certain Gallic village in front of their eyes is at least geographically wrong. Because the small town is located in the beautiful canton of St. Gallen.

Saab 9-3 - particularly popular
Saab 9-3 - particularly popular

Oberuzwil - the Saab municipality

If you didn't even know the rural community of Oberuzwil from hearsay, comfort yourself. I am like you. Oberuzwil consists of three villages, namely Bichwil, Niederglatt and Eben Oberuzwil. Around 5.800 people live there. If it is wrong to call the rural community a village, then I apologize in advance.

Oberuzwil occupies a special place in the Saab Atlas. 3.630 cars are registered in town, 1000 Saab per 19. In purely mathematical terms, this means 69 Saab, which is around 7,5 times more than the Swiss-wide average. For the Confederates, this is a factor of 2,5 per 1000 cars. The citizens of Oberuzwil particularly like the Saab 9-3. It is very strong in the place overrepresented.

Where the love for Saab comes from can only be guessed. Maybe it's down to Hirsch AG, which is based only a few kilometers away. Deer was once Saab's house tuner.

Complemental description: A reader from Switzerland sees the reason for the high Saab share in Oberuzwil through the commitment of  Wilen's garage established in the neighboring Uzwil. There may be something to it.

Saab 95 as a micro camper
Saab 95 as a micro camper

Saab 95 V4 as a micro camper

Let's stay with the quirks that some peoples develop. The British have their idiosyncrasies that are mostly lovable. Individualism is one of them, and since Saab drivers are generally assumed to have advanced individualism, it is hardly surprising that Saab was quite successful in the UK.

One of these islanders, Paul Lucking, turned his Saab 95 into a micro camper. The little Swedish station wagon came to him with no interior. This made it easier to choose the materials, which were by no means original, but very homely. Saab 9-5 V4 and awning create a feel-good zone. True to the motto that a Briton's home is also his castle. Or his Saab.

Motor 1 found the micro camper so remarkable that a short story with lots of pictures was dedicated to it.

Elegance and class - Saab 900
Elegance and class - Saab 900

Buy before the prices take off

Anyone who has observed the prices for youngtimers and classics in the last 12 to 18 months can hardly cease to be amazed. Powerful combustion engines, in a well-maintained condition with reasonable kilometers, increased in price enormously.

The reasons are, on the one hand, the 3-cylinder plastic boxes that you have to make friends with when looking for an affordable new car with a combustion engine. Or the subsidy-propagated electric car. Some people, and there seem to be a surprising number, do not necessarily meet with enthusiastic approval.

You can regularly find advice in the media on what is still affordable if you want to drive an analog car. Saab is almost always involved, and in 9 out of 10 cases you can read regret about the premature demise of the brand.

AutoWise has compiled 7 classics to buy before prices take off. The selection is pretty cool, there are two Swedes on the List. On the one hand the Volvo 240, on the other hand the classic Saab 900. It would be wise to buy both. Then all situations in life would be covered and you would never have to deal with the topic of new cars again.

With images from engine 1 (1)

7 thoughts on "The Saab municipality is a small village in the canton of St. Gallen"

  • On the subject of SAAB density:
    Yesterday I was on the way from Rügen in the direction of Bavaria and I was pleasantly surprised how many SAABs are in the north. It was not only locals but also many vacationers who go on vacation in the SAAB.
    There were 15 in total - only 2 of them from Sweden and 3 with RÜG license plates.
    I can't remember consciously seeing so many SAABs in one day without a certain saaby occasion.
    Maybe SAAB drivers are somehow subconsciously drawn to the north.
    Or it was simply due to the extreme number of cars (... there were thousands ...), so that the normal cut is maintained.

  • 1500 residents
    about 60 Saab with license plates and a total of 3x as many

  • Especially with all AEROs, the prices have increased (if there are no rocked boxes). Finding a good specimen is problematic, but every now and then there is a chance! And Switzerland is and will always be Saab country!

  • Deliciously written.
    Yesterday I happened to read Asterix to fall asleep. How fitting …

    And it's true, the 900 I and 240 are only priced in one direction. At Saab, especially the convertibles and the turbo coupe. At Volvo especially the station wagon ...

    There are two possible combinations - at least from the point of view of a "Volvaab driver" ...

    If I had a good 900 I (no matter which of the two) and 245 in the yard, most of my wishes would actually be covered. Great article. Speaks to me from the Sweden-affine soul.

    I would still like to have an Italian as a third car, if life were a request concert ...

  • I just can't quite understand the rising prices. Since I have a lot of time, I look at the Saab and Lancia ads on or almost every day. I realize that the high-priced cars just don't work! Even common offers in the 4-10 thousand euros segment, good cars in my opinion, remain for months. And the offers from Heuschmid, priced always at the pain limit, well, nothing really works there.

    The Saab density increases disproportionately, of course, the smaller the village and the larger the Saab fleet of a Saab enthusiast. In my 500 souls village there is no other Saab apart from my four. At this point you could calculate the Saab density in Obergünzburg, which may result in one Saab per one resident 🙂

  • In our little village (600 inhabitants - about 300 cars) we have 5 SAABs = 1,6% or 16 SAABs per 1000 cars, i.e. just under 1,9%. If I include my three butchers or accident vehicles, it is already 2,7% 😉

    • Might be similar for us and 1.000 residents. My Saab + another convertible in Oberdorf would also give a good rate.

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