Does Sono Motors bring work to the Frickeboa (Saab factory)?

The Frickeboa in the former Saab factory is a place shrouded in mystery. It is a separate belt for small and pre-series products beyond the production line. The Frickeboa has seen a lot. Saab produced the pre-series of the 9-3 ePower there, the first and so far only modern electric car with a Saab logo. Years later, the first NEVS 9-3 electric cars for China were built in Frickeboa.

The Frickeboa in Trollhättan. Does the Sion roll off the line there?
The Frickeboa in Trollhättan. Does the Sion roll off the line there?

The Saab factory's expertise in body construction was very high. The Swedes were often the first choice in the GM group when it came to special tasks. Spectacular concept cars from the Group's brands often came from Trollhättan. Unfortunately that is a thing of the past, but the local skills are still available. Even if the employees now work for Evergrande Auto instead of Saab, Cadillac or Opel.

Saab 9-3 ePower 2011 on the test site at the factory
Saab 9-3 ePower 2011 on the test site at the factory

Sion pre-series from the Frickeboa?

With the Sion, Sono Motors is currently moving more and more towards pre-series. Important parameters for the series will be finalized in the next few weeks. The next step will be homologation and crash tests with the first SEV (Solar Electric Vehicle) from Germany. The current Sion prototypes were still at Roding Automobile built, the expertise of contract manufacturer NEVS is ideal for the pilot series.

Sion prototype - not yet in series form
Sion prototype - not yet in series form

For the first time since 2013, new cars could roll off the production line in the Stallbacka. Trollhättan would report back to the circle of car manufacturers. What is the current situation, are there any hard facts? We asked in Sweden.

A production of the Sion pre-series in the Frickeboa is possible. NEVS and Sono Motors are in talks, NEVS confirmed to us last Monday. Final contracts are still pending, which is why there is neither a time window nor quantities that could be communicated.

However: the omens can be assessed as good. Trollhättan could see a comeback in the next few months. 10 years after Saab Automobile finally ended.

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    Would be interesting if NEVS could build real prototypes for Sono Motors. The two demo cars they currently have were built for marketing, not for development or testing. The real prototypes needs to be developed and built in some numbers. How will Sono Motors finance this? Crowdfunding / pre-payments seems like a dead end, there is not enough money there. Evergrande can't sponsor this.

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    Yes, an interesting car.
    I am curious how expensive / cheap an adequate version will be.
    Greetings André T.

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    Who knows…:
    Innovation through solar, moss and space-saving dimensions. Finally thought “differently”.
    Hopefully the journey will be a success.

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      I can only agree. If the crusade against our beloved combustion treasures in Barcelona continued to advance at the speed of light, SION would be the first modern vehicle that I would deal with ... With local weather and the envisaged solar autonomy, I would never have to plug in the socket in everyday life. And for long journeys one of the Swedish jewels would still remain.
      It is actually planned to ban all vehicles up to Euro 5 - including this - from January.
      A two-year exception should only apply to residents of the city.

      Saabige greetings

      The Lizi

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