He still exists, the (Saab) offspring!

Good day first of all. The family has offspring from the Lüneburg Heath. Even if I'm not very fresh at the age of 44: I'm new to the family of SAAB friends and support the Lüneburg Heath area from Lüneburg. How I got to the SAAB, I would like to share that in a two-part guest post.

Saab 9-3 SC 1.8t BioPower
Saab 9-3 SC 1.8t BioPower

The first part is supposed to lead the way to the acquisition of the first SAAB a little more than a month ago. In the second part I would like to try a comparison between my SAAB 9-3 SportCombi from 2009 and the Citroën C5 Tourer that I drove for five years; with steel suspension and with hydractive chassis.

Professionally, I am at home in the railway sector. Almost 25 years ago I learned about passenger and freight transport as well as planning at Deutsche Bahn and later worked for various railway companies; Since 2015 I have been working independently with a colleague in the practical environment of operational planning, vehicle technology and sales in the railway world.

As a novice driver, I imagined an older car that had scratches or a bump that wasn't a drama. Škoda Favorit or an older Volvo would have been something. "A SAAB 900 would suit you," said a colleague. That's right, there was something else. SAAB. You saw it now and then, it was also chic. But financially not within reach. And too good for a novice driver, I thought. And so it turned out to be two old, but reliable Toyota.

The years came and went, apprenticeships, studies ... and I didn't miss a car. It wasn't until 2012 that I literally got back on board. An old Škoda Octavia to get back into the car was followed by two Citroën C5 Tourers. They have a nice chassis. Our neighbors drove a BX for many years. Start the engine, wait until it has pumped up and off you go.

By chance, I found an advertisement from a dealer in 2020 for a very well-equipped Citroën BX with around 65.000 kilometers. The BX as a middle-class car? But: it was long gone. The dealer said he still had two older cars: a SAAB 900 Sedan from 1984 and a 99 from 1969. SAAB? Yes, there was something else.

A Saab with very few kilometers
A Saab with very few kilometers

I now began to deal intensively with the SAAB models. The Saabblog helped a lot with this! A SAAB as a "second car" for beautiful occasions? After all: a clear, uncluttered design. Restraint or new German: understatement. And that certain stubbornness of the brand, which fits quite well. I'm slowly getting a sense of what my colleague was talking about 25 years earlier.

In Kiel they let me see 9-5s. The goal was actually a 9-5 SportCombi, model chrome glasses. So the counterpart to my C5. But there was also a 9-3 SportCombi XWD. I had always left the 9-3 II on the left, the rear of the SportCombi looked too much like a Ford Focus for me. But when you see it in person, it looks different. And the 9-3 is also sufficient in terms of space. The XWD wouldn't have been right for me; with the exception of the semi-aniline leather seats.

In an advertising portal in Austria I had seen a 9-3 SportCombi Vector 1.8t BioPower with less than 22.000 kilometers of mileage, which seemed to fit. The usual should-I-should-I-not-game followed. A friend from Vienna was my extended arm, he looked at the car and took a lot of photos.

Result: yes, looks good. Then I drove to Sportive Cars in Wiener Neustadt myself. The 9-3 made a really good impression ... After a short period of time, I grabbed it and then picked it up at the beginning of June 2021.

And what other features does the 9-3 have? A car dealership in Innsbruck had given it a demonstration car with them and, shortly after delivery in February 2009, a performance upgrade from Hirsch. In addition, the vision package was included, so steering bi-xenon headlights, rain sensor, all mirrors automatically dimming, fog lights. The rear windows are tinted dark, and the “Infotainment 150” was also installed. Equipment that I would have chosen. Bluetooth for phone calls and the cruise control should have been included.

But you can change that afterwards.

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    Congratulations on the chic sports suit!
    What a pleasure to read a report about this SAAB that drove in front of me last week :-).
    With the license plate it was clear that there was a fan behind the wheel ...
    Continue to have a good accident-free journey!
    Thanks for the nice story. Looking forward to the sequel ...

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      Thank you very much! Hopefully I drove properly 😉
      The sequel is already finished and will appear soon on this channel.

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    Yes, the Saab - Citroen relationship seems to be strong and there is also a fluctuation between the two brands. A very nice 9-3 - almost a new car. Congratulation!

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    Then - as the saying goes: "Welcome to the club"! It's nice that you take your heart and let us share in your late love. As for the rear of the 9-3 SC, I would guess from my gut that it might have been the other way around

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    Ah cool, now you know where the car went. It has already been presented several times on the blog, at that time with other sellers. One might ask how much one could then buy it.

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      I have to write it correctly: the 9-3 changed hands for 18.500 euros. There was also a set of 16-inch aluminum rims from SAAB (I don't have the name ready at the moment) as well as a complete new set of tires and a major inspection at SAAB Himberg; and the removal of any damage to the booth. When it came to the tires, it was important that they were high-quality tires from Hanover, Milan or Clermont-Ferrand.
      If you look around at the Sportive Cars seller at sportivecars.at, you will find that even the 9-3 was in a certain way exotic there.

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