Saving resources with a youngtimer - Saab 900S (NG)

Conserving resources is one of the great challenges we have to face. One can choose. Saab youngtimer or electric car? It depends, I would say, on your personal driving profile. Those who drive less, often switch to bicycles, have a better conscience with a youngtimer than those who buy a new car for themselves. An exciting Saab 900S (NG) would be available. Even if it may seem bland at first glance. But there are facts that can convince.

Saab 900S (NG) 1994
Saab 900S (NG) 1994

A Saab 900S (NG) 1994

The second Saab generation suffers from disregard in the hardcore fan base? Why are you so stubborn? A person who normally has very little to do with cars thinks the Saab is good, he told me. Why? Because the design is so typical Saab. So much more individual than the 9-3 II or all Saab 9-5 on this planet.

Good point. Because the hatchback has its temptations.

Einar Hareide and his team formed the 900 (NG) and always had the predecessor in mind. For this reason, the design was only a careful modernization of the familiar design language. Typically Saab, recognizable as such at first glance, it is definitely.

A very early model of the Saab 900 (NG) will be in Sweden in September auctioned. A 900S that looks bland at first glance. No turbo engine, no wild equipment. But, the Saab drives up with facts that speak for it. Its engine develops 131 hp, is economical to move and coupled with an automatic transmission. Comfortable, relaxed travel is guaranteed. Ideal for speed-limited roads like the ones we find in Sweden.

And how we will soon have them in Germany after the upcoming election to the German Bundestag.

2 liter engine - economical to move
2 liter engine is a real Saab machine and economical to move

The condition of the Saab is somewhere between a year-old car and a young used one. The seats are protected with a cover. They should be as good as new, as well as the entire interior. The mileage is low, the Saab was driven a little more than 65.000 kilometers. First-hand, it was driven and serviced regularly until 2015 and then shut down. Now he has been brought back to life.

Air conditioning - what a surprise!
Air conditioning - what a surprise!

The little luxury at a low price

The Saab, with its friendly, bright interior, has the little luxury that you need. Its owner may have thought of reducing it to what is essential when he signed the purchase agreement with the dealer in Uppsala in 1994. The front seats are heated, the Saab has (surprise!) Manual air conditioning and a nostalgic radio with cassette deck. What more do you need?

The Saab would be the ideal youngtimer for relaxed driving and its maintenance costs will always remain manageable. The Saab 900 S (NG) is also not an expensive investment to buy. The auction house locates its value somewhere between € 4.500 and € 5.500.

In Auction starts on August 27th. If you are looking for a classic car in which resource conservation, individuality and the low price go hand in hand, you should make a note of the date. A Saab for the heart is the 900 S anyway.

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    My 95 900 Turbo Coupe has just cracked the 300 tkm mark in everyday use (first engine, first turbo). With the manageable technology of the 90s, life is somehow more relaxed.

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    The Saab teats were cream.

    I had this 2.0i in my 9-3I. The 2.3i in the 9K. Defects? One radiator hose on 2 vehicles. Half a spare part per vehicle for 10 years. That's all it was.

    The engines could turbo. Without turbo, they are hard to get down. They hold and hold ...

    I like them and would take one again anytime. Really nice engines in nice cars. What more do you want?

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    Exactly my thinking! I drive an 03 Series 9-5 as a "company car"! My Audi colleagues always look incredulous! I enjoy that!

    I like the 900 NG a lot. Almost bought a white one.

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    On Sunday I drove 200km with the 9-5 V6 built in 1999 on the Swiss autobahn. Such a relaxed driving, just heavenly, like the color ...

    And all the blocks of vehicles that drive past you. Bigger, stronger, heavier, wider and faster, oh no, not that. The traffic was so heavy that we were all happy to go at least 70-100km / h. And as I said, the 9-5 slides so confidently there, nobody has to come to me with a new box!

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    I can only say it again and again: my 900 NG convertible is simply sensational….
    Reliable, enjoyable to drive, great long-term quality. And over time, I find the straightforward shape more and more beautiful. I already congratulate the new owner.

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    Automatic vehicles are always recommended from a classic and youngtimer point of view! The engine is better with the automatic, the vehicles are never tuned. They are also more convenient in everyday life.

    So: thumbs up for the 900S!

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