Clear cutting in Trollhättan - 300 jobs could be lost

Clear-cutting in Trollhättan. Yesterday afternoon, NEVS announced the reduction of up to 300 jobs. Quite a few of the around 650 employees to date are to leave the Stallbacka. NEVS justifies the tough cut with a plan to transform the company. The real reasons, however, could have their origin completely elsewhere.

NEVS deforestation in Trollhättan
NEVS deforestation in Trollhättan

Clear-cutting in Trollhättan

300 of around 650 jobs are to be eliminated in the future. The parking spaces in front of the former Saab plant will be a little emptier in the future. The unions were surprised yesterday at the extent of the layoffs. They had expected a lower number of layoffs. The reduction affects 200 employees in the offices and development, 100 in the workshops and laboratories. NEVS justifies the dismantling with the transformation of the company towards autonomous vehicles, away from classic automobile construction.

The company sees the renovation as a “difficult day for the employees”, but also an investment in the future of mobility. Immediate cost-cutting measures are also cited as a reason. This is exactly where the real cause of the manpower loss could lie.

NEVS is almost entirely dependent on transfers from China. The location of Evergrande Auto is unclear and future developments have not been clarified. We aim to attract new investors. Whether and when it will take place is in the stars. The management in Trollhättan reacts to the development with strict measures and adjusts to the tense situation.

No automobile production (currently) planned

Interesting is a note from yesterday, opposite Sveriges Radio. Accordingly, there are no plans for Trollhättan to “start immediately” car production. No surprise, because Evergrande Auto's plans are limited to China alone. At least for the moment and for a medium-term period.

Still, there is a perspective and NEVS 'role as a contract manufacturer still seems to be present. Because the company is talking to various companies about contract manufacturing. The names of the possible partners were of course not mentioned. Whether the current development is helpful for the talks is another matter.

Correction: In the first version of the text, 800 employees at NEVS were erroneously named. But there are only just over 650 people employed at NEVS.

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    Everything we have learned about Evergrande in the recent past clearly shows that this is about cost reduction and has nothing at all to do with an investment in the future. The future for Evergrande is very dark. It is questionable whether there is still a future in mobility for them.
    I hope that there could be a better and more secure employer for the employees of NEVS.

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    No good prospects for the employees, the city, the region.
    As always, the remaining hope for innovative fields of activity in Trollhättan.
    The thing with Evergrande z. Is going off at the moment, is the purest horror ...
    I'm curious to see how things will continue in the future, whether the planned alignment will actually become a reality or an automobile pecuniary mass grave will arise ...
    Thanks for the always quick info!

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    Pure misery that depends on the China drip. More does not come to my mind. BMW once wanted to take over the plant, something that was not wanted in Sweden. Had they done better, we would all have been spared the misery.

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