Our Aero X Club Shop is now online!

As promised, our Aero X Club Shop is now online. Current promotions like the Turbo cups (Edition 2021) will be found in the shop and can be ordered in the future. This makes working easier for the blog team, as a number of processes are now automated. And for the Aero X Club members there is even more fun and additional material for their Saab passion.

Aero X Club Store

We are currently still working with the beta version of the shop and are testing it. The first orders have already been processed successfully, the Shop went online very quietly on the weekend. A small stock of stickers from previous promotions is already available, and there are always articles that are mostly limited and only available here.

At the beginning we limit our shipping to only a few countries. We deliver to Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Switzerland will remain the only non-EU country in the long term, other EU countries such as Sweden or Italy will join in the next few weeks.

A special range

The shop will follow a special philosophy. It will not have an extensive basic range and it will only be available to members of the Aero X Club. You can only buy special products around our favorite topic, always limited in time and quantity.

Sometimes it's cups that we have made. Or stickers with which we maintain the tradition of a great brand. It can also be things from before 2011 that we “dig up” somewhere that are old stock and that are naturally only available to a limited extent. We currently have a small contingent of Saab table flags in the range, which were manufactured between 2005 and 2008.

There are many ideas for the coming months, there will be moments of surprise and spontaneity.

It will always be exciting.

Saab-ANA sticker

Next go the new ones Saab ANA Stickers online. They are a remake based on a historical model, a homage to part of Saab history. We will present the final product no later than Friday, and it can be ordered online from the weekend.

Then at the end of the month, as announced, the turbo cups (Edition 2021) will come. the Shop must then pass his baptism of fire at the latest.